You know that moment when you ruin one of your favorite pieces in the wash? Welp, that happened THIS WEEK to THIS TOP. Devastated does not even begin to explain how upset I am about loosing this piece from my summer wardrobe collection. At least I was able to get some good photos in it before I ruined it. Note to self: double check your delicates pile and remember that denim delicates should be washed separately.

As I mentioned via Instagram, I knew it would be a little bit of a challenge to make this exact look accessible to you all, as these are all old-ish pieces. And by old-ish, I just mean a year old! Which brings me to something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately…this pressure as an influencer to constantly have NEW. While I know that NEW isn’t exactly practical or the reality for more than half of America, I still feel this unspoken pressure to have the latest and greatest. However, it’s looks such as this one that remind me why I even started my style blog. It’s always been my goal to inspire her to explore and create a wardrobe that will last beyond a moment or a season, but will last for a lifetime-ish. And yes, proper care is an important element to that…even though I seemingly failed myself, as I ruined NOT ONE but THREE PIECES on Monday. blah. Any who, I want to get back to the very core of inspiring my readers to explore within their own wardrobe. You don’t have to have the latest whatever to make a fashion statement or be fashion forward. So, with these random thoughts in mind, I want to encourage you to explore the various depths of your closet and create something wonderful. In fact, I’m not even going to worry about making this post shoppable. I truly want this post to inspire to shop the ultimate department store aka your closet.

Ok, off to mourn the three clothing casualties I lost this week. Like seriously, I managed to even ruin this sweater from J. Crew that I just got in. Ahhh.

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