Welp (and yes, that is one of my favorite words), this post has been a longtime coming. Honestly, I wonder if I’ve been slow in posting it because I am not ready to close the book on Marfa?! As I’ve said on countless occasions, this trip was seriously magical. In some sense, I feel like it was my Eat, Pray, Love adventure, but with 3 girlfriends. Ahh, so many memories. Taylor is currently in Alaska and I’m beyond jealous, but I’m sure we will be planning our next adventure soon : )

As I was outfit planning for this journey out West, I knew that I wanted to find key, unique pieces. In my quest to do exactly that, I called my friend Jana (who I met through Emily Loftiss) to see if her boutique, Brooklyn + West had any pieces that vibed with my stylistic concept. Needless to say, Brooklyn + West had exactly what I was looking for. So you may be wondering, “Why would you call a boutique in Dallas for wardrobe pieces when you live in Columbus?” You know what, that’s a totally valid question…and guess what? I have an answer. As people, especially us gals, we often get stuck in our usual routine. Even as a creative + stylist, I find myself getting bored with my usual processes sometimes. I always go to Madewell. Nordstrom, etc. when I’m looking to pack for a trip or just shopping for wardrobe refresh pieces. It’s important to remember there’s a whole other world of shopping out there…it is called Boutique Shopping. And what’s even cooler is that most boutiques, known for their quaint vibes and personalized service, are now shoppable online! When you are looking for those truly unique pieces and prefer that no one else has them, I encourage you to explore beyond your usual mass retailers and shop at a boutique. More often than not, boutique purchases are some of the pieces I love most and they stay in my closet the longest.

So, as you find yourself preparing for your final summer trip, explore boutiques (both local and across the nation). I know that I can guarantee that you will find some gems just like I did.

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