It’s October 1st and things are taking flight! I truly feel like this is the beginning of my busier season and things will be non-stop until about December! While I often complain when things are 90 to nothing, this is truly the time that I feel that I flourish best…the busyness keeps me going! I just have to be even more diligent in planning my schedule and getting plenty of sleep.

As we move into the Fall season, I’m all kinds of excited about Fall Style! I felt an honorable way to kick off the beginning of many fall inspired looks was to take it back to last November when I created some amazing content with Darian Kayce for the site’s rebrand. Since we launched in mid-June, it felt a little strange to share this look in all of its glory during that time. However, now is definitely the right time. Despite today’s rather warm weather, Fall temperatures are on the horizon and I could not be more excited for yummy textures and fabrications, lots of layering and of course, over the knee boots.

For this look, I was feeling particularly inspired by the velvet trend that was pretty major last fall (and still is for this season). This darling little mini was a piece that I found from Madewell, my go-to store for most things in my life. What really captivated me about this piece was its shape and the subtle glimmer of the fabrication. To further enhance both of those details, I opted for shiny black pantyhose, which really complimented the styling. Also, the choice of the bell sleeve top was to play on the ruffle details in the skirt! And lastly, just a few of my staple accessories paired to this cute paperboy hat that I borrowed from Darian. Not to worry, I now have my own and will be wearing it endlessly this fall.


Ok, I’ve typed way too much. I was hoping to make this a short inspirational post, but I just couldn’t settle down on the keyboard. Ha. Happy Monday you fine folks and here’s to taking flight…may this be an incredibly busy, but fun time for all of us!


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