I’m a Southern gal, so naturally I’m drawn to crisp whites and of course, summertime is the best time to rock a crisp white. There’s something perfectly refreshing, charming and feminine about wearing white…and honestly, I don’t wear it enough!

Just two weeks ago en route home from Georgia, we made a pitstop in Nashville to visit a couple of main attractions per Instagram. Without question, Draper James was on the list of must sees. While I wouldn’t exactly say that my personal style is the perfect match for Draper James, I definitely admire the classic silhouettes and southern aesthetics their pieces embody. Regretting that I did not purchase anything, I found an itching to get something “Draper James-esque.” A few days later while making a casual stroll through Banana Republic (who is having a crazy summer sale), I happened upon this White Scallop Shirtdress. Y’all, there’s nothing more Southern than a white dress with scalloped detailing. With just a handful of pieces left on the rack, I snagged the appropriate sizes and headed to the fitting room. Thankfully, I found a perfect fit. And oh yes, I should mention that I paid $23 for this dress! Orginally priced at $98, she went home with me for $23 bucks. I would definitely say it was a God thing. haha. Before the questions start rolling in, the sizing online for this piece is super limited…so be sure to checkout your local Banana for the correct size!

In addition to encouraging you to try more classic silhouettes, I wanted to encourage you to also explore wearing more white! There are a number of reasons that likely hold us back from wearing white on a more consistent basis, but I am hear to tell ya, just to go for it. With 4th of July celebrations happening this upcoming weekend and early next week, this is the perfect opportunity and excuse to purchase a summer white for your closet. Ok, need more inspiration? Don’t worry, because I got you covered. For today’s post, I’ve teamed up with 4 other stylish gals to show you a couple different ways you can wear white this upcoming weekend and the remainder of summer. I’ve linked each of their style blogs down below!

Louella Reese // Finite1// This Season’s Gold  // The Material Girl

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