The #2 of Fashion Girling 101…never say never! Before we take it one step further…silhouette/shape is ALWAYS RULE #1. There are some folks that disagree with this notion, but as a stylist and a personal lover of dress, the understanding of one’s silhouette has NEVER failed me. NEVER. What’s cool about defining one’s silhouette is that it serves as the guidebook to understanding what generally works and doesn’t work for you. It’s kinda amazing…soft rules to be mindful of. But with that being said, there’s a little bit of room to color outside the lines and explore a bit…hence, “never say never.” Within developing your style, every now and again, there are a few ways you explore those generally forbidden things and find what might work for you. Ok, so I’m getting a little off subject for today’s post, but we will circle back to discuss shaping/silhouette in another post! But I just wanted to make sure you gals knew where I stood on the matter!

In addition to the list of things that don’t generally work for our shape, I often find that we have a personal list of things we just don’t want to wear, wouldn’t wear, etc. For me, one of those has been a shorts suit and the reason why – my crazy long legs. They are great and I love them, but I do not like for them to be in FULL FOCUS…but that’s pretty much impossible…my legs make up most my entire body. I was doing a little research on Meghan Markle’s pre-royal looks and found her wearing this darling little shorts suit. Much like me, Her Royal Highness has incredibly long legs and if she can brave showing those legs, so can I (the power of influence)!

Feeling a little empowered thanks to Meghan, I put it on my list of things to explore and I DID. And I did it with HEELS making my legs look even longer. To make this look feel “Candace-esque,” it was important that I kept it super polished and chic. To feel polished, there’s just something about a solid tuck and stilettos that do that for me. So I did exactly that. And oh yes, a black handbag always makes me feel like a boss, which is interesting, because I always carry some version of brown. LOL. What I do love about this particular two-piece summer suit is that it can be worn as separates…the short length is perfect and the blazer is long/lean.  So there are truly endless styling possibilities and I love that. Currently, both the blazer and shorts are on sale (I’ve linked it down below for you). Also, I am highly considering looking for a black one…I think black would be a bomb addition to my summer dress up situation! Thoughts?

Happy Friday!

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