And the late summer wanderlust continues. Seriously friends, I have sooooo much summer stuff its kinda crazy. Well, actually just about two more weeks worth and we will be moving right into Fall. While I am definitely a summer lover, I am over the moon for cool temperatures, pumpkin spice things and scarves. Ahhh, the small joys of Fall. Before I get too lost in my Fall thoughts, let’s focus on this post for the time being.

One of my goals for this summer was to have lots of experiences, as Jason and I are still new-ish to the Columbus area. In the time we’ve lived here, we have spoken with so many friends who live in this massive city, but don’t experience the cultural joys of living here. I mean, Columbus has a TON to offer. There’s always something happening. So, I made it a personal goal to delight in all of the random offerings that Columbus has…from concerts to farmer’s markets to art fairs, etc. I’m proud to say we’ve done a lot. In late May, we attended the Peonies Flower Opener at Red Twig Farms. I randomly happened upon the event list on Facebook and was like “oooh, yes, we need to go.” If memory serves me correctly, there were like 3,000 interested folks on the event page. So, we woke up early on a Saturday morning for a little floral picking and it was lovely. I picked my first ever bouquet of Peonies and we even snapped a few photos. Not to worry, I slipped on these block heels just for the images.

A few days prior to this adventure, I found this dress at Nordstrom and knew it was meant to be mine…peachy anything is my jam. While I purchased it at full price, you gals will be happy to know this piece is currently on sale for like half the price I paid! Woot woot. I guess that may be the one perk of posting summer content late, you get an even greater bang for your buck!

Happy Saturday my dearest darlings.

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