One of the things I did a lot when I first started this blog (mannnnnny years ago) was to showcase multiple ways to wear the same piece or pieces. To get back to that core value, as it is what fueled the blog for me, I am here to show you 2 ways to wear the same LOOK. 

As I grow even more comfortable with my style and my skills as a wardrobe stylist, I’ve come to realize that making an outfit different IS NOT about changing allllllll the things. It can be sublte changes that can shift the narrative of an outfit and make it UNIQUE. After all, we get the greatest value out of our wardrobes when realizing that there are truly MANY ways to wear an outfit and/or pieces of an outfit. 

This particular combination of pieces was shot during NYFW back in September. As I was getting ready for this shoot with Mary (my friend pictured above), I found myself torn on if I should wear this suit (which I totally made up…the original blazer is from Banana Republic and the pants are from Abercrombie & Fitch) more chic or more sporty, as they are both super cool…so I did both.


For a dose of sporty spice, I paired my made up suit with metallic sneakers and a go-to backpack for the season. I especially love the thickness of the sneakers, the silver exposed zippers and how together they communicate an extra dose of cool-girl factor. For a dose of feminine chic, I opted for white mules and a small brown handbag. I love how the white mule pulls out the white in the cuff detailing of the blouse and the brown top handle bag gives the outfit the perfect touch of sweet femininity. 
As you can see, I left all the accessories as is for both versions of this suited look…just swapped out the shoes and handbags and BOOM. 
As you settle back into the groove of getting dressed every day, be thinking of the small ways you can make the same outfit different. I promise it will maximize your wardrobe a touch more. And true style is when you can embrace seeing clothing and outfits beyond one dimension, but multi-dimensionally. 

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