Ever since my young college days, I’ve always been that girl who wears her ankle boots ALLLLL YEAR LONG. There’s one outfit I remember specifically…a tan printed Old Navy dress with tan cowboy ankle boots, also from Old Navy. I thought I was super cool! In fact, a photo of that exact look just popped in my timeline a few weeks ago…maybe I should share it. haha.

While its not a “spoken rule”, I do feel that many think it IS NOT ok to wear boots into spring and summer.  While I understand the logic behind why you may not, I’m here to tell you that it is indeed ok. Let’s just take a moment to clarify, IT IS NOT COOL to be wearing riding boots, OTK boots or anything of that sort unless you live in a climate that demands that type of footwear. But an ankle boot is definitely acceptable in warmer temps. It all boils down to how you style those beauties! My current favorite pair of ankle boots is Dylan from SAS Shoes! I received a pair a little earlier this year and they have been on heavy repeat. They are super chic, comfortable and versatile in sooo many ways!  Also, please tell me you see that subtle hint of western flare in this design? Isn’t it good? They kinda remind me of my tan cowboy ankle boots I had from my college days. The Dylan is definitely the grown-up version tho! ha

When it comes down to wearing ankle boots in May through August, you want to focus on fabrication balance. You want to create a look that is truly appropriate for the season. Rather than pairing your ankle boot with denim, opt for a lighter weight pant like the ones I’m wearing here. These breezy pants leave no question mark about what season we are in. Secondly, color! Select colors that also communicate the season. Since my ankle boots are black, naturally I incorporated a bit more black. But what first grabs your eye is the bright printed pant, the bold yellow blouse (another lightweight fabric), and the white denim jacket! Combined, these colors all lighten up the mood of the outfit. And truly that is it. Styling your ankle boots for the warmer months requires just a few extra minutes of thought and you will be on your way!

Be sure to check out SAS Shoes’ website. Dylan comes in another color and it’s pretty darn cute!

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