Ok, it’s April 1st and it sure isn’t feeling like Spring here in Ohio. Well, it did for 5 minutes and then it decided to get cold again. You would think that I would be comfortable with this seasonal song and dance, but I AM NOT. Nope, definitely not. The only good thing about cooler temperatures is that I still get away with wearing my turtlenecks for a while longer…and you better believe…I have one on right now. Haha.


As the seasons begin to shift, one of the things we have to consider most about our clothing is the change in fabrication. Swapping out those heavy knits for those more lightweight pieces. It’s a whole thing and becomes a very involved process for me. Perhaps one of the most notable changes in my wardrobe from winter to spring is that I am back to wearing my dresses. Technically speaking, I would not consider myself a dress kinda gal, but I am. A better portion of my closet is comprised of an array of dresses. From casual to fanciful, I’ve got it all. In my recent clean out, I realized that it was time to upgrade one of my spring staples and that was my Spring LBD. Yes, I’ve got LBDs based on seasons. ha. I had a cheap and cheery knit option I had snagged from TJ Maxx moons ago, but was no longer wearing/loving. So I knew I needed to layer in something a bit more jazzy, but with the same fabrication. And that is where this beauty comes in. This fun black dress is from Tart Collections and truly makes the most fun knit LBD. I love that it has a little weight to it, doesn’t entirely cling to my body and has bell sleeves. For this particular style sesh, I decided to dress it up a bit, but this dress could most definitely be casual. These Adidas Superstars with a backpack and cool jacket of some sort. Lots of possibilities here! In the coming weeks, I plan to drop this off at the seamstress so I can get a stronger fit through the waist (I have no torso and it is sad). Otherwise, I am pretty excited to wear this piece. Now if the weather could just turn…all would be right with the world!

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