Happy Galentine’s Day! And yes, I promise this is a real holiday…I mean…just search Google and you’ll see that I am indeed correct. When I was chatting with Jason about our Galentine’s Day content, he was like “What is Galentine’s Day?”  The last thing we need in America is another holiday to celebrate, but I will gladly take any opportunity to celebrate the gals that I love and adore.

While Galentine’s Day is TODAY, I wanted to take a quick moment and share some last minute inspiration with you, as well as remind you that celebrating the folks you love isn’t tied to a specific date and can/should be done throughout the year! So today, allow this post to inspire you to celebrate your best gal on both this day and beyond. After all, I think that is what true love and true friendship is all about…continually celebrating and encouraging one another!

So you might be wondering what my Galentine’s Day gift idea(s) is! When it comes to the busy lives we live, I think there is one pretty simple and thoughtful gift you can give your best gal and that is QUALITY TIME. Rather than looking for the most perfect gift to give her, give her your TIME. Uninterrupted TIME doing things you both enjoy and engaging with one another. Leave your cell phone behind and just enjoy your time together! Without question, I think that is the best gift you can give your best gal pal…YOUR TIME. Pretty simple, huh?

Here’s to best friends everywhere! May we have them, may we cherish them and may we celebrate them!

P.S. Remember Emily Brunotte for the NYE style + hair inspo post?  See more of her style by connecting with her on Instagram. In fact, she just shared some pretty EPIC NEWS!

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