Back in late August, I ventured to Sandusky, OH for a quick stay. Unsure of what to except, I fell madly in love with this darling city. While there are plans for a full Sandusky travel guide to come your way in Spring of 2018, I just could not pass up on the opportunity to share some captured moments with you from my trip. As we settle into the cooler months, I figured this was a great way to get you a little excited about making some Spring travel plans. After all, Sandusky is just a hop and a skip away from us 614-ers aka the perfect place for a little weekend get away.


Growing up in a small town, I’ve always had a thing for micro cities. Still being relatively new to the Midwest, I was absolutely over the moon to get to visit Sandusky, a city I had frequently heard about, along with a few other content creators. As I mentioned above, I was a little unsure of what to expect. Making the decision to be pleasantly surprised, rather than researching a ton about the city, I went into this adventure semi-blind. The only things I knew about Sandusky were Cedar Point and the fact it was on the lake. Knowing it was essentially a resort town, I pulled out my whites and blues (all things nautical) and headed out for my quick midweek vacation.

In my roughly 48 hours in Sandusky, I learned that this town has wayyyy more to offer than just Cedar Point. It’s a growing micro city with more charm than you can ever imagine. From a beautiful historic downtown theater to local eats to wineries (they even had a sparkling grape juice for this girl…woot woot) to the most charming boutique hotel, Sandusky is experiencing a true RENAISSANCE. I found myself thinking a good bit about Thomasville, GA while exploring. I most definitely think Sandusky could be become my Thomasville here in the Midwest.

While I’m itching to share every last detail of this trip with you, I want to keep a little mystery for the upcoming travel guide! But here’s something important you should know in the meantime…2018 marks the Bicentennial for Sandusky. The town and its people will be celebrating its 200 year anniversary. So without a question 2018 is the most ideal year for you to plan a little weekend trip, as they will be celebrating for nearly the entire year. Per my source (hehe), the City is planning a ton of cool festivies to celebrate this momentous occassion. Simply put, you will have serious FOMO if you don’t make it over to Sandusky at some point in the year of 2018. For this particular trip, I went alone, but I’m so looking forward to taking Jason along this Spring and recapturing some of these moments for you all and creating some more digestible/actionable travel content. Until then, I will just continue singing Sandusky’s praises…ahhh…such a great place. At the rate of this renaissance, I truly think Sandusky will become one of the coolest cities in all of O-H-I-O.

This post is kindly brought to you by Lake Erie Shores and Islands. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 



  1. I was born in Sandusky and have lived here most of my 62 years. Thanks for the affirmation of my staying on Ohio’s North Coast for these years. I sometimes take for granted what beautiful vistas of Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie we have from the shores of the city of Sandusky. Your photos capture these magnificently. Throw in over 200 years of architecture and significant Ohio history happenings and you have reminded me once again of why I have hope for Sandusky’s future.
    So, about this Thomasville, Georgia…?

    1. I absolutely love Thomasville, GA! Fun fact, I was Miss Thomasville many moons ago..ha. If I were to ever move South, Thomasville would definitely be my home : ) Such a charming city!


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