It seems just like yesterday…back in 2013, the pleated midi skirt was all the rave. In fact, it was the prettiest blush hue. Every time I opened Pinterest or hopped onto Pinterest, I would see the piece styled. During that time in our lives, money was tight and I had to be super selective of my fashion purchases. I did a lot of shopping at TJ Maxx during those days! I’ll never forget the day I stumbled upon a blush midi skirt that was $24.99. I snagged it right up and was the happiest gal. You can find old photos of it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

The blush pleated skirt was definitely a trend moment that I lived in wayyyyy beyond I likely should have. ha. But just like fashion always does, the midi skirt has made a major return, but this time in lots of fresh new colors, textures and length concepts. We saw the beginning of this trend making its true return last spring with the idea of long skirts and full pants paired with long and lean blazers, a look that I personally LOVE! As we entered into summer, pleated skirts were EVERYWHERE and that visibility has continued into Fall. Seemingly everywhere I turn, there’s another PLEATED SKIRT. It’s one of those pieces that I would just continue to buy if I could…but I literally don’t need 5 million. Any who, I share all of this to say, if you’ve been on the fence about this pleated skirt, know that you are in the clear to snatch one right up! Down below, I’ve rounded some pretty options I’ve stumbled upon and love!

And secondly, I’m giving you this look as a dose of inspo on how to approach your pleated skirt a touch differently. While wearing it more classically is never wrong, it is nice to try something new and fresh. For me, I wanted to make my newer pleated skirt feel edgy. So, I paired it with a hoodie and layered it with my oversized denim jacket. No look is complete to me without a little sleeve scrunching, so I did that too! For a touch of sportiness, I finished off the look with my favorite Converse sneakers, a belt bag, oversized rose gold hoops to compliment the detail in my sneakers and round sunnies! I was thinking to pair this outfit with my white mules that I love, but I am glad I opted for the sneaker.

Again, just a little pleated skirt outfit inspo! Also, I have my blush pleated skirt folded down in a memory box for my future daughter…I am going to resist the urge to go and pull it out. I will be strong, I will be STRONG!

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