With a little uncertainty, nearly 5 years ago I started this blog. I was not 100% sure what the outcome would be, but I knew that I wanted to create a space that inspired the everyday gal…a place that inspired her to discover and explore her own timeless style.

Since my high school days, I longed to be a journalist/editor. In fact, my original career pursuit was to become Editor-in-Chief of an international dance magazine (perhaps even create my own). From joining my high school newspaper to publishing regular blog content for a pageant website that I worked for many years ago, I’ve always enjoyed creating content. The idea of creativity is an innate part of my DNA. Creating choreography, creating a story, creating a look. I wanted to recreate a space that was reflective of my maturing while also holding steadfast to my manifesto of being a style influencer for that everyday gal.

The tone of this new look is editorial and inspirational. I believe it showcases an even clearer picture of who I am as a person and my philosophy on fashion and style. I am excited to delve deeper into showcasing things that truly inspire me. From style to life to beauty to adventure to pop culture. Consider this move a RE-INTRODUCTION and a quick glimpse into what you can expect to find here moving forward.





  1. Flawless site. Great READ literally. I love the tones and I am so proud of you! Take over the world live! Xo, Breezy.

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