I LOVE A GOOD SLEEP. Between working a full day as a wardrobe stylist and style influencer, you can believe that I am pretty pooped at the end of the workday. And often times, my work day is more like 9 to 12 hours. Perhaps one of the biggest adjustments, I’ve had to make in the last year is acknowledging that I need a good night’s sleep to be a functioning and nice human being for the next work day! Long gone are the days of 4 to 5 hours of sleep. Gah, I miss college life sometime!


With a busy bee type of career, it can be really hard to start the unwinding process for bedtime and actually fall asleep. Often times, I have 3 different running lists happening in my head for the next work day.  It’s truly the worst!

In acknowledging the need to be completely rested (which allows me to be a better creative), I’m learning that a nighttime routine is just as important as a morning routine! On my quest to find a process that works for me, I recently started taking Vicks ZzzQuil™ PURE Zzzs™ Melatonin Gummies! Complete with melatonin, Chamomile and lavender, these gummies have all the perfect agents to help you fall asleep naturally and wake refreshed*. Not only have I enjoyed taking these, but I love how these gummies initiate the process for getting ready for bed! You simply take one (or two) 30 minutes before bed! Once taking one, I know that I am in official decompress mode.

Also, this past week, I started using the Vicks® PURE Zzzs™ Soothing Aromatherapy Balm and its pretty much magic! I rub just a touch on my chest once getting into my pjs. I truly love breathing in the scents of lavender and chamomile to help me wind down. I know, I sound like a little old lady! But it’s true!

I love waking up knowing that I’ve achieved complete and restful sleep. It’s definitely a little bit of a challenge to tell your brain that you need a true bedtime routine, but the truth is tomorrow’s to do list will be there regardless. Rather than going to sleep with work on the brain, we all need to take the necessary steps to unwind and relax at night! Feeling super happy to have found something to help me achieve exactly this!  ZzzQuil Melatonin Gummies and Vicks PURE Zzzs Soothing Aromatherapy Balm, you are definitely both my new favorites!

Here’s to sleep, one tasty melatonin gummy at a time!


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This post is kindly brought to you by Vicks, ZzzQuil PURE Zzzs.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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