Earlier this past year, I started a segment on Instagram entitled The Beauty Edit. I created this small segment as a way to share what products I am currently loving, my adventures on beauty and all that other fun stuff. During one segment, I shared a little bit about my struggles with acne and hyper-pigmentation. Shortly after, I received a message from Sylvia Brownlee, the curator of Pure Beauty. Without making this the longest possible story, she suggested that I try her Pure Beauty products! Being the skincare junkie that I am, I was all in. Also, not to mention, Sylvia’s skin was absolutely radiant in her about photo via the website! I knew this was bound to be the beginning of something new!

In late April, I scooted over to Pure Beauty & Extension Bar {which is now located in a new spot} to meet with Sylvia. During our time together, we sat down and discussed the ins and outs of my lifestyle to determine what might be causing this frequent, yet infrequent acne that always resulted in some type of scarring (regardless of if I picked or not). We talked about food, sleep, stress, makeup, etc. Truly all the things! Sylvia has a wealth of knowledge. Literally, everything she said made complete sense to me.  Also, I should mention, I’ve been to several dermatologists about skincare concerns and never truly felt good about what was concluded. Sylvia genuinely listened and shared her expertise.  I left that consult feeling very empowered to make some adjustments to my diet, makeup use and overall skincare regimen! Sylvia sent me off with a bag full of Pure Beauty goods that would specifically help me combat my acne:


  1. Pure Beauty Skin Balancing Face Cleanser
  2. Pure Beauty Skin Hydramendalic Cleanser
  3. Pure Beauty Skin Hydrasal Tonic Toner
  4. Pure Beauty Skin Hydramendalic Serum
  5. Pure Beauty Skin Hydra Balance Moisturizer
  6. PBS UV Shield


For about the last 4 months, I’ve consistently used this collection of products from Beauty Pure! If memory serves me correctly, this is the first time I’ve consistently had a strong, systematic skincare regimen. When it comes to skincare, Sylvia’s signature quote is, “Consistency is KEY!” Within the first few days of use, I noticed a change in my skin. It instantly looked brighter and clearer. For the morning, my routine consists of the Balancing Face Cleanser, Hydrasal Tonic Toner, Hyrda Balance Moisturizer and PBS UV Shield. In the evening, I use the Hydramendalic Cleanser and Serum, Hydrasal Tonic Toner and Hyrda Balance Moisturizer.

After a good 8 weeks of consistent use, I made a trip back to Pure Beauty for a Pure Beauty Glow Facial. Ahhh, holy magic. Seriously, facial amazing! This signature facial is about a 60-minute service that is layered with a number of amazing things that leaves your skin amazingly hydrated and GLOWING (and when I say glowing, I truly mean glowing…think of that Beyonce type of glow. Or in my own words…your skin will be looking like a fresh piece of butterscotch! haha.)

Because I believe in sharing the good news, I wanted to share this facial process with you gals! The facial consists of roughly 8 steps:


Looks pretty amazing huh? Also, can we talk about that facial scrubber? I recently just booked my next facial appointment with Sylvia for a Pure Beauty Refresh. I can’t begin to explain how my skin felt after our appointment, so I’m pretty jazzed to see what the refresh is all about! In chatting with Sylvia, she often asks a variety of questions about skincare! To give you a few examples:


Why am I still breaking out even though I am doing what my esthetician told me to? 

Why does what I eat affect my skin?


Once I’m clear, do I still need to take care of my skin? 

And the list goes on! I’m sure these are questions that some of you have even had! I share all that to say, I think it would be fun to do an Instagram Live with Sylvia and chat through some of these FAQ’s. As I mentioned above, in our time together, I found peace of mind and clarity about my skincare and the steps I needed to take. I do think that having that l-on-1 time with Sylvia is BEST if you are looking for specific clarity about your skin type {especially if hyperpigmentation is a struggle}! But an open forum to chat and have dialogue could be amazingly fun! What are your thoughts?


In the meantime, scoot on over to Pure Beauty Bar and see what the brand is all about!


This post is kindly brought to you by Pure Beauty Bar.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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