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Why yes, I am the gal who packs a turtleneck sweater and takes it to California. Ha. I’ve always considered myself a Southern gal, but I am slowly evolving into a midwest gal and I’m actually ok with that : ) Also, what’s the irony that it’s snowing today?! For the sake of it, I am truly considering throwing on this very outfit today and putting my hair in a topknot (because my hair is crazy greasy). While wearing this outfit, I will take myself back to this warm day in SoCal.

*Insert reminiscing sigh * 

I picked this sweater up from Ann Taylor in late November after seeing it a million times or so and making up 5 million reasons why I DID NOT need it. But as you see, that didn’t work out too well…which is why I am doing a 60 day shopping fast. More to come about that later. Currently in the hard phase of the fast, so I’ll share once I’m over the hump. However, every time I saw this piece, I just knew I could do some cool styling with it!  I can’t wait until the official Spring transition and to pair it with white denim and a chic little mule…cute right?! For this particular look, I wanted to really hone in on that soft camel color that is tucked away in the knit. To pull that on out, I reached for golds…Gucci belt, rose gold hoop earrings and my metallic boots! To further enhance this color, I also played on the soft hues of blue by pairing this look with these light color jeans I got from RiverIsland earlier this fall!


Ok, I am really gonna wear this outfit today! Here’s to Wednesday : )

P.S. As you guys know, I am in love with Henri Bendel. Their official closing date is January 15th. If you have had your eye on anything, NOW IS THE TIME. 40% off.


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