Let’s go places.  That’s definitely a phrase that we live by at la Casa de Read! Jason and I have always had a natural nack for adventure. We love going places. We love people. We love a new adventure. After nearly two years of living in Columbus, I feel confident in saying that we have truly settled into our routine of being true 6-1-4 folk. Work Monday thru Friday and adventure on the weekend! For us, adventuring doesn’t always mean an out of town trip, but rather exploring new opportunities and experience in the city we call HOME.

Just two short weekends ago, we made a trip to the SHOE for the Ohio State vs. Nebraska game! For those of you who know me, a liking for sports has not always been on the top of my list of loves. However, after nearly 5.5 years of marriage to Jason Read, your girl can appreciate some sports action! Honestly, there’s nothing better than a crisp fall day, cozy layers and a dose of college football. For this local adventure, Toyota was kind enough to make our weekend experience all the more sweet with a beautiful 2019 Toyota Sequoia Limited! Ahh, truly magical and most definitely the kind of SUV you want to be rolling in for college football game. Before kick-off, we made our way down to the Shoe for a casual-esque tailgate with some of Jason’s colleagues! With tons of room in the back, we lowered the third-row seating, opened up the trunk and set up our mini snack shack and played a little cornhole (yes, we have monogrammed cornhole boards and yes, I am sooooo Southern). Oh, and we listened to some tunes of course! The 2019 Toyota Sequoia Limited has an awesome Entune Audio Plus touchscreen with the best possible features you can think of! Jason was truly in heaven, in fact, he’s still talking about it! Before kick-off, we loaded up the Sequoia and made our way inside the stadium. Ohio State won, making it the PERFECT GAMEDAY!

Beyond our #toyotatailgate soiree, we had a few more days with the 2019 Toyota Sequoia Limited! To really get a true sense of the vehicle, we just lived our normal lives! Going to and fro…driving all over Columbus – going to dinner, church, work, etc.! As a wardrobe stylist, I SPEND A LOT OF MY TIME ON THE ROAD. One of the things I love most about the Sequoia is how amazingly comfortable I felt while in the vehicle. Thanks to the height of this beauty, I could see everything while driving. Also, not to mention, I could fit my entire life in the back. My rolling rack, Betty (team Wardrobe Therapy’s favorite model) and all of my shopping bags for deliveries. As for Jason, he was particularly captivated by the drive experience! He loved the feel of the Sequoia Limited and how it seemingly glided across the road. While it may go without saying, having to return this vehicle was definitely bittersweet. As we think about our next car purchase (for the next phase of our life…#parentlife (and no, we are pregnant), we definitely have a new frontrunner and you are looking at HER. If it were up to Jason, we would have purchased a brand new one like 9 days ago. ha.

Thank you Toyota for the amazing experience! Here’s to adventuring…may we all do it a little more : )

This post is kindly brought to you by Toyota. All thoughts and opinions remain my own


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