I am most definitely a color lovin’ gal, but man…there’s something amazingly yummy about neutrals! As I mentioned in the last post, I am head over heels in love with the head to toe neutrals trend. Typically, this is a trend I would steer clear of, because I am terrified of getting something on my fit and then obsessing over it. But I’ve decided a little stain is worth the risk of looking completely chic. Yassss.

Besides the ever classic-ness (I just made up a word…lol) of neutrals, I feel strongly that I am loving this trend moment because it feels FRESH. For the last few seasons, there has seemingly been a color craze! I am loving this opportunity to refresh my closet with staples in classic colors. You will not believe this, but I have not owned a pair of white jeans in like 3 seasons. Yeah, craziness. Also, I did not have a basic white blouse-like cami! Again, craziness. With today being the first day of Spring, make sure you take some time in the coming week and glance at your collection of neutrals! While you may not be one to wear a full head to toe neutral ensemble, it’s important that you have good go-to neutral staples that you can mix and match <3

Also, speaking of essentials..three more important details:

  1. Layered necklaces should definitely be your jam.
  2. See through handbags are totally fine and worth the investment
  3. Old fahion hair clips are kinda a big deal…sooo yes, you need one!

These are all details we will circle back on, but just know that I gave you the low down in the meantime : )

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