Late. A four-letter word that I often get completely fixated on. I am one of those gals who has a natural tendency to put all this pressure on myself to get things done, like ASAP. That pressure to perform is perhaps one of my best and worst attributes all rolled into one. It’s a very weird thing. Without question, there are things in our lives that require our immediate response or need to perform. Things for work, things for our family, etc. However, when we pile on this pressure to do all the things and do it NOW, we are ultimately setting ourselves up for emotional failure. To give you a little inside scoop, I am going through a very emotional process of undoing this self-imposed pressure. It’s been a season of pulling back and accepting that LATE in some areas of life is ok. A few examples of where accepting LATE as completely ok and not life threatening…not getting the groceries on time, scheduling that lunch date with a friend, checking the mailbox or in this particular case, not publishing these photos from NYFW (that was nearly two months ago).

For me, this blog isn’t about the fashion so much, but more about what it represents. Moving forward with something, despite the fact that it didn’t happen on my perfectly projected timeline. Here’s to adjusting our mindsets, repriotorizing what matters most and knowing that we are only human.

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