Soooo…I totally captured this look last summer while visiting Jason’s family for the 4th of July! The goal was to get them posted last summer, but as you can see, that clearly did not happen. One of the things that can be both great and bad is the backlog of content created that never makes a debut on the blog. Thankfully, Aerie brought this super cool suit back for yet another season, so I’m able to share this year! woot woot.

A swimsuit trend that I found particularly interesting last year was the super scoop. Dramatic scoops on the side, back and the bit higher cut on the hips. After seeing the trend posted a million times, I decided I wanted to try for myself. Essentially I should just call this my Baywatch swimsuit! There’s no doubt about it, this suit is super limiting. Limiting in the sense that you can’t just wear it anywhere (or with anyone)! After all, it’s a little cheeky! However, to tone that the sexiness, I paired this super scoop suit with a pair of moderate length denim shorts, a wide brim boater hat and some sweet little slides I found at TJ Maxx!

Currently on the hunt for this year’s summer suit. I’m thinking I might do another one piece with a cutout in the front. That cool two-piece but not exactly a two-piece concept…I think that could be cool! I will keep you folks posted!

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