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New Year’s Eve is just 3 sleeps away! I don’t know about you, but with the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and festivities, I often find myself waiting until the last minute to pull together my look for NYE. Which is kinda sad, considering that I LOOOOOOOVVEEE New Year’s…without question it is one of my favorite holidays…I love any excuse to dress up all fancy!

With last minute outfit planning and sale shopping in mind, I thought I would give a quick dose of NYE style inspo. In my opinion, one of the things that is great about NYE dressing is that you often have the accessories you need somewhere in your wardrobe, you are just looking for a few new STATEMENT PIECES to make your look for the evening truly shine.

Look No. 1

Look No. 1 combines a few newer pieces, but they all compliment one another beautifully. I must admit…I don’t love sequins. I know, I know. How can a Southern former pageant girl and ballet dancer not like sequins? Again, I know, I know. However, a lack of sparkle on NYE just feels wrong! So, for this look, I opted for the silver sequined blazer but neutralized it with a solid, yet bright silk cami and the coolest white tuxedo pants. I am obsessed with these pants…LIKE TRULY. For finishing touches, I deciced to go a little outside of the box and do a brown lip color, which really allows the white and greens to POP.

Look No. 2

For Look No. 2, a darling little party dress that has a bell-like sleeve and velvet belt. This is one of those dresses that doesn’t have a ton of hanger appeal, but when styled correctly it can be KILLER. Wanting to play on the rose gold hues in the dress, I opted for a variety of gold accessories…rose gold hoops, rose gold strappy sandals and a soft rose like gold lipstick. What really pulls this look together is the fur stole…it’s just lovely and gives it that extra touch of GLAM. Oh, and I can’t not mention the handbag…she’s simply a stunner and super cool.

And there you have it, just two ideas that you can play upon as you finalize your New Year’s outfits! For sparkle effect statement pieces, I encourage you to visit the following places for last minute shopping:

  • Anthropologie
  • Ann Taylor
  • Banana Republic
  • Madewell
  • Rowe Boutique
  • ZARA

And if you are looking to online shop, I solely recommend Shopbop! You can get overnight shipping via Shopbop for $3.99 if you have Amazon Prime. I ordered something on Thursday and it arrived yesterday.

Ok, off to do a little office work and then I am getting a massage before I kiss this year goodbye.

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