Planning to have couples photos is always a good idea. In fact, you are super excited about it until you realize how involved it is. Thanks to the Internet and having the ability to scroll endlessly on Pinterest, I often think we have this perfectly projected outcome we are hoping for when taking photos with our signifcant other and/or family. Having that perfect outcome is indeed possible, but it requires work and not waiting until the 11th hour.


Jason and I have been taking couples photos yearly since our engagement! Growing up and thinking about having a family of my own one day, this was something I knew I wanted to make a priority. Thankfully, we’ve had the opportunity to get our photos taken a LOT over the last 7 years, which means we have endless photos to share with our one day kiddos and grandkids. Insert happy sigh : )


When it comes to couples photos, I am most definitley not an expert, but I have learned some tips and tricks along the way that makes the process easier and the outcome much more magical. So today, I’ve dedicated this post to giving you my insights on how to SLAY your couples photos!

NO. 1: Select a Season

Select a season. I know, it sounds so very elemementary. But it isn’t. Putting thought into which season you would like to have your photographs taken helps a lot with planning on the front end. It puts asethetic, clothing and concept into play. When you have an understanding of the season, you can begin to align your expectations accordingly. As you are pulling your inspiration, you will notice a commonality in the vibe and which likely communicate which season you are vibing most. Additionally, idenitifying season is helpful because it allows you understand which photographers might be best for you. For example. If you are really itching to work with a photograhper who’s primary focus is wedding, it is likely that he/she won’t have a ton of avialbility during Spring/Summer. You will know to reach out ahead time and secure date or explore other options.


Photos L to R: Carrie Elizabeth, Darian Kayce and Jenna Powers

     No. 2: Select a Location

Often times your photographer will help make recommendations for this if you don’t feel that you have vision in this area. However, in my experience, I have found it so important to take it upon myself to do homework and scout out places. When you are admiring other imagery in your planning, you often get stuck on a vibe. Try your best to find it and/or communicate that desire to the photographer so they can help you find it. These are your images…be vocal about what you are wanting in a kind and respectful way and be willing to do the work to find it.

An example for you. I knew I wanted to take photos in London while we were there! I had some ideas on what I wanted and knew that I did not want totally quintessential tourist-like London photos. I sent loads of inspiration over to our photographer, Rebecca and she followed up with inspiration of her own. Together we talked through the options and refined the concept. We were taking photos during the later part of our trip, so I had time to adventure around and find a spot that spoke to the vibe I had in mind…and I did! Sent it to Rebecca and we made freakin’ magic at 7 AM : )








Photos L to R: Rebecca Carpenter, Kaye McCoy and Darian Kayce


No. 3: Plan Your Wardrobe

Perhaps the most tricky part of making couples photos come together…planning your outfits. I know it can be a frustrating thing, but it is doable! When it comes to this element, the most important thing to do is not put this off until the last minute! I can guarantee that you will be annoyed, which will result in tears, panic and lots of other adjectives.

When thinking about what to wear, be sure to give yourself enough lead time to pull all the elements together! I typically like to give myself 4 weeks to conceptualize, order items and style them up. During this process, I like to consult with Jason and give him some soft ideas on what he might be wearing so he isn’t suprised. I’ve found that this helps, as it gives him an opportunity to be vocal and push back if needed. I adjust accordingly and move forward with planning our looks!

As you are conceptualizing the looks for you and your honey, remember that you want to compliment one another! IT IS NOT ABOUT BEING PERFECTLY MATCHY MATCHY. In fact, that’s pretty snooze (aka boring). Select colors that will be balanced in a photo, unless you are going for more of a monochromatic vibe. Being a stylist, color opposition and balance comes a bit more naturally to me, but you can do it. I encourage you to do some gentle research on color! Also, examine all of your Pinterest inspiration and see if there is a color that speaks to you there and begin developing your theme. Or if your darling has a color he feels confident in, I like to start there and build the looks accordingly. Jason loves and feels confident in blues, reds and greys, so I often use that as a starting point and expound from there.

I have found that it is important to have an extra color pop, texture or detail incorporated into the final looks! A fuzzy cardigan, statement coat, ruffle detail, etc. This little detail adds dimension to the photos!

Photos L to R: Jenna Powers, Ken Harris and Theory Image

I have found that it is important to have an extra color pop, texture or detail incorporated into the final looks! A fuzzy cardigan, statement coat, ruffle detail, etc. This little detail adds dimension to the photos!


And that’s all I’ve got for ya! Just a few tidbits of how to slay those couple photos <3



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