While summer is technically coming to a close in terms of retail, we still have some warmer days ahead of us. Considering how hot it has been lately, it feels crazy to even think about shopping for fall pieces! But we’ve got to get a move on it if we want to be perfectly fashionable come fall. As we want for that crisp cool air to reach us, which will signal all the fall fashion things, I wanted to take a moment and talk shorts!

Shorts are hard y’all. Especially as our style is evolving and maturing, it can be incredibly hard to:

1. Find shorts that aren’t short.

2. To style them in a way that feels appropiate for your age and style.

I have the worldest longest legs, so shorts have always been a pain point for me. However, as I have grown into owning my personal style, I have realized there really isn’t a reason to have an entire wardrobe of shorts. You need a few (one to three) that suite YOU from style to silhouette.

When it comes to making shorts feel a touch elevated, it’s all about the styling. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind:

1. Incoporating Those Jazzer Elements- By nature, shorts can feel super casual. To make them feel more elevated, be sure to include jazzer elements. For this look, I opted for a knit tank, a statement earring and gold slides. These elements instantly give me a boost of chic!

2.Go For The Higher Riser- Much like your regular denim, a higher rise is always more flattering! It gives you strong definition through the waist. When looking for denim shorts, I sugguest looking for a high rise option, espeically if you are the gal who loves to do a little tuck.

3.Unroll The Cuff- Seemingly, one of the BIG denim shorts trend is that of the rolled cuff. For a more polished and classic look, I like to unroll those cuffs! Also, it gives you extra length when you unroll them.

Those are a few of my shorts tips! Give these a go, because I am certain you will be feeling all kinds of cool and confident the next time you wear shorts. Oh yes, BERMUDA SHORTS ARE BACK. If you are looking for more coverage and/or length, it is most definitely an option you should consider. I’ve linked a few possibilities down below!

Happy Wednesday!

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