I’ve officially decided that I will no longer deny the obvious…I am a hotel snob. I believe in quality, attention to detail, elegance and luxuriousness…all adjectives that perfectly describe Hotel LeVeque. I’ve had a thing for Autograph Collection Hotels since Jason and I got married. In fact, we stayed in one shortly following our wedding…Hotel Duval in Tallahassee, FL (if you are ever in the area, be sure to check it out). When I learned that an Autograph Collection Hotel was coming to Columbus, I pretty much knew I could officially stay in this City forever! To give you a little insight, this collection of hotels is a small group of hotels that emphasizes uniqueness…simply put, the hotels are “Exactly Like Nothing Else.” Just think glamour and wanderlust.

Perhaps one of my most favorite things to do with Jason is a little staycation. Staying in our City, but packing up our bags and staying elsewhere. It’s a nice way to remain present in your community but without all the woes and worries of staying at home…as much as I like the idea of relaxing at home, I find it very hard to do! My brain never turns off. Around this time last year, we packed up our bags for our seemingly annual stay at Hotel LeVeque. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I felt this was a fitting time to share about our stay! I believe it goes without saying, we are experience driven people. I feel confident in saying “gifting an experience” has become the new way to gift! So, if you are picking up what I’m putting down…YES, you should gift your person a stay at Hotel LeVeque this Valentine’s Day.

Instead of making this the typical travel-guide esque post, I thought it would be fun to simply share a few reasons why we are so fond of this hotel:

  1. It’s got history- I love anything with a story. Hotel LeVeque is situated downtown in the LeVeque Tower, which is a 1927 art-deco style skyscraper. At one point in time, the LeVeque Tower was the tallest skyscraper between New York City and Chicago…that’s pretty impressive, right?
  2. Art deco inspired design- One of the things I love most about this hotel is THE DESIGN. It is evident that the team played on the building’s art-deco heritage, as you will find art-deco nuances throughout the entire space. From the stunning light fixtures to marbled tile in the lobby, not one element was left untouched. Stunning shades of gold, silver, black and green can be found throughout the hotel. Simply put, this hotel was made for ME!
  3. The Hospitality- I’ve been to this hotel on numerous occasions…for meetings, to dine, to stay, etc. and I can confidently say that the hospitality is always at 10! It all starts with the valet outside of the iconic building and perfectly followed through until you are greeted at the check-in desk. Warm smiles and a willingness to genuinely serve you makes a guest feel valued and welcomed.  When staying, you will notice, that each evening there’s turndown service that includes two special treats! I won’t tell you exactly what…you gotta go stay to find out for yourself!
  4. The Keep- I am a foodie through and through. And I may have turned Jason into one too! We really enjoy staying at hotels that have a restaurant. In my opinion, this feature makes the stay even more magical, because you don’t have to venture out to find food. You simply take the elevator downstairs and boom! The Keep is a little slice of New York to me. It’s sleek, yet slightly vintage decor vibe is a continuation of the decor elements found throughout the lobby of the hotel. The menu is pretty darn delicious and has a nice variety! Truthfully speaking, Jason and I find ourselves ordering the same thing every time and it never disappoints!

I could keep writing and writing! But I am certain you are vibing this place by now. As I said, it’s wanderlust and then some. To get you a bit more excited about the thought of having an illuminating stay, I am beyond excited to share that the team at Hotel LeVeque has given me an $80 gift card to The Keep to share with one of YOU! Yes, you read that right : ) Much like myself, Hotel LeVeque believes in gifting the magic and I could not be more thrilled to have one of you experience this beacon of hospitality! For a chance to win, check out the widget below. The winner will be announced next week!

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May the odds forever be in your favor!


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