It’s no surprise, I’ve got southern roots. I even call myself a Southern Belle…I’m proud of my southern heritage. I believe in sweet tea, good manners, hosting like a BOSS and warm sunshine. However, as I continue to settle into my new-ish lifestyle here in the Midwest, I’ve realized that I also LOVE a good layering piece. A lightweight coat, a cardigan, a statement coat, you name the layering pieces and I am 100% here for it.

As we transition into true Fall, I am most excited for one trend in particular that is headlining this season and that’s the STATEMENT COAT. All over the runways and magazines, you will find various versions of dramatic statement coats. From more classic silhouettes to flowy capes to super-duper dramatic sleeves and oversized shapes. When a particular piece is highlighted in such a way by various designers, brands and fashion publications, that is a clear indicator that it is “ok” to embrace and/or acknowledge this trend. While most of us may not be reaching for the first flowy cape-like statement coat or a dramatic sleeved one, it is highly likely that we might approach finding a simple statement coat and fitting of our everyday lifestyles, like this one from Walmart. At a killer price point (under $50), this faux suede trench coat was made for FALL. And, oh yes, it comes in THREE COLORS. I’ll take one of each please and thank you!

Whenever I’m considering a statement piece, like a statement coat, I like to keep versatility at the forefront of my mind. The more ways I can wear it, the better bang for my buck. And speaking of bang, I love that Walmart is offering a variety of affordable price points to meet the needs of fashion lovin’ gals across America. As I mentioned, I found this suede trench coat from Walmart! But I also found everything else I am wearing from Walmart too. While shopping on walmart.com, I happened upon two brands: Scoop + Sui by Anna Sui. The prairie inspired dress is by Scoop! For this look, paired with the soft trench, I wanted to focus on making sure my proportions were nice and balanced. To achieve that, I pushed my sleeves back a touch and belted the dress. For finishing touches, I also tied the dress and added a funky suede boot, which is also by Scoop from Walmart. For the second, this darling knit is by Sui by Anna Sui. Love this piece, because it has all of those nice rich hues with just a touch of metallic that perfectly compliments the green statement coat. For a touch of flair, I opted for these wide-leg jeans (I live for wide-leg jeans) and snakeskin boots that are pretty much my new favorites. Also, let the record reflect that I personally hate most things snake print for myself! But I do love these <3

As we experience a true shift in season this week, go ahead and say HELLO to the statement coat. And, oh yes, go ahead and say HELLO to Walmart Fashion, because they’ve got some good stuff that’s truly on-trend and fashionable.

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This post is kindly brought you by Walmart. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 


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