And BOOM. Just like that, it is September! I am equal parts concerned about how fast time is flying by, but also incredibly thankful. The sooner we can get to 2021, the better! It’s just been a tough few months. However, we shouldn’t be quick to run from tough times…I have learned that tough seasons are meant to build up our faith, to strengthen us, to give us new perspective. But let’s not talk about all of that now. Let’s talk FASHION.

Perhaps one of the things I love most about September is how it represents a FRESH START. It’s like the second new year. New fashion ideas, new season and so on. While I am all about pumpkin spice, what I love most about September is being able to bust out my favorite fall textures and fabrications. Yasss, I am getting excited just thinking about it. One of the first things I’ll be pulling out is FAUX LEATHER. Let me be honest…I’ve been wearing faux leather since about February, as it was a key trend for S/S ’20 and remains to be for the fashion season ahead. Without getting on too much of a bunny trail, one of the things I am really enjoying about fashion these days is this sense of timelessness. Evergreenness. Less transition in trends from season to season. Which I believe is a win for all!

With today being September 1, it felt timely to inspire you gals with a little transitional look. One of the key pieces I purchased this past spring was a mini faux leather shirt dress. For the sake of giving this dress some fresh styling, I love the idea of pairing it for denim with a pump or ankle boot, depending on your preference. As a stylist, I am really into the little details, so I left the dress unbuttoned at the bottom for ease of moment and style flare. And of course, a popped collar, because I do have a preppy side! The faux leather dress is something we will continue to see heavily this Fall, so if you havne’t purchased one yet, this might be your moment. Below you will find a couple of options that all warrant frequent re-wears! We’ll continue to talk through styling elements, but in the meantime, it is time to welcome back your faux leather (or get one of a few pieces if you don’t have any just yet!)






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