Since the very beginning of our relationship, Jason has always moved me with his romantic gestures. One of the ways I knew he was my forever person is when he replied to a handwritten note I had sent by mail. It was written on yellow legal pad paper and it nearly made my heart explode. His handwritten reply catapulted a special time in our long distance relationship. In addition to talking on the phone, we frequently sent each other letters by mail. Some of my fondest memories of him wooing me includes sentiments from those letters.

My love for handwritten notes started at a very young age. It may have been 5th grade or so that I began sending handwritten notes to friends, family and people who were influencing and impacting my life. It was my mom who taught me the value in taking a moment, putting pen (or at the moment in my life, pencil) to paper and expressing your thoughts. I am nearly 30 years old and this practice is a huge part of my life! There isn’t a month that doesn’t go by that I do not send someone a handwritten note…a thank you, a simple “thinking of you”, an apology, etc. Without question, I know I have passed this gesture onto Jason. He too is frequently mentioning who we should send a note to. It’s really special to me and I love that he has completely embraced this side of me! 

With nearly 6 years of marriage about to strike the calendar, I realized that Jason and I did not have a joint stationery! We’ve always had sperate personalized cards, but never joint! When my favorite royals, Harry and Meghan, released their joint monogram proceeding the wedding, I knew it was time for Jason and me to get one together. After all, we are truly ONE! ha. To make my royal joint monogram dreams come true, I collaborated with On Paper, the most darling, French-esque inspired curated invitation and gift shop. It’s located in the Short North near one of my favorite dining spots, Philco Bar & Diner (a spot that is particularly special to Jason and me).

To curate my our personalized stationery, I had the opportunity to work hands-on with the team at On Paper to create something that reflected both Jason and my personalities. For me, it is really important that when someone receives a note from either of us, it feels like a collective representation of us together! With that in mind, On Paper designed a joint monogram that was both feminine and masculine. The “C” feels perfectly French and romantic, as I would want it to be and the “J” is clean and sleek, just how Jason likes it! From there, we moved to paper selection, which ultimately led us to select the ink color of our joint monogram. You guys know I love yellow, but it really felt appropriate to go with a color that would represent us both. I love the richness of this olive green and think it makes such a statement as you are removing the note from the envelope. 

I currently have a stack of our note cards sitting by me as I finish up this post. I’m feeling inspired to share some sentiments with a few folks I know and love. Sending these will feel all the more special because I have something absolutely beautiful to share them on. Thank you On Paper for the most lovely stationery curation experience! It was absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to come in and order my next batch of note cards and envelopes!

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This post is kindly brought you by On Paper. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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