There’s no doubt about it, Miranda Priestly has taught us fashion gals a lot of life lessons. Contrary to the sarcasm attached to her ever famous statement, florals truly are groundbreaking! In fact, florals are such a big deal, the print will be headlining this Fall as a major trend. While the concept of florals isn’t exactly a new one, it’s the aesthetic of the print and approach on style that makes it feel amazingly fresh and NEW.

When it comes to reimagining classic concepts and ideas for fashion, J. Crew is always my go-to spot! J. Crew has launched a fresh new floral-inspired collection with Abigail Borg and it’s pretty darn stellar folks. While the collection is Fall centric, a good majority is ready to wear NOW, thus making it the perfect transitional piece. Let me rewind by saying, Abigail Borg is an amazingly talented UK based surface pattern designer and illustrator. Simply put, this collection of floral deliciousness is EVERYTHING. Ok, let’s talk styling. I feel confident in saying styling your florals for summer comes a bit more naturally. So, let’s focus on styling florals for FALL. The idea of wide-leg pants have been sooo major for summer that I instantly fell in love with these floral silk wide-leg pants from the J. Crew x Abigail Borg collection. This pant style will seamlessly transition right into Fall.

The KEY to styling florals into fall is all about layers and texture! To give this outfit my desired layered look, I reached for a classic white button down, an oversized sweater and of course, a denim jacket. These are iconic pieces that should be in every fashion gal’s closet. For more of a casual cool girl vibe, I was certain to fully tuck my white button and do a messily chic half tuck with the oversized sweater. Oh, and a little joint elbow scrunch with both of those layers. Again, the scrunching helps to communicate more of a laidback luxe vibe. As for the denim jacket, you can wear it or simply drape it across your shoulders!

Up next, TEXTURE. There’s truly no better texture than suede to help give a look a Fall appropriate vibe. Both the sandals and handbag are suede textured and aid in giving these floral pants just the right amount of Fall wanderlust! Also, the blush color of the handbag and olive colored sandal enhances the richness of the print! For additional texture, the oversized v-neck sweater is cashmere and provides some variance for this Fall look!

For finishing touches and one of style personality, I added these fun angled-hoop earrings! The animal print beautifully compliments the oversized sweater, as well as creates this unique juxtaposition between the floral print pant, but it totally works!

And there you have it. Just a little fall floral style inspo!

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This post is kindly brought to you by J. Crew. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 


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