I will admit that I am not the best at dressing for winter!


Even with one “northern winter” under my belt…I’m still struggling. A part of me simply isn’t ready to make the financial commitment to buy a whole new wardrobe just for winter staples. Being from the south that is one thing we just do not have to worry about!!! Normally, you can piece together your summer and fall wardrobe and BOOM…you have a winter wardrobe! LOL. So for now (or at least until I get a MAJOR INCREASE in my shopping allowance), I will continue making random winter casual outfits. haha.

Winter Casual




For the past few weeks the weather here in West Virginia has been very inconsistent. One day it’s warm and the next day it’s cold and snowy! On this particular day it happened to be sunny with a cool breeze, which was quite nice. From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted to style a “winter casual” look with my new handbag being the foundational piece. IMG_6554

Since the bag is classic black, I just decided to keep everything neutral and warm. And nothing is more neutral and warm than an oatmeal colored sweater. From there I added my “GO TO” jeans from Express and my Zara suede booties. The shoes really gives the look some warmth and texture.




This bag is a dream! It was a present from my friend, Francesca. And just in case you’re wondering…it is very similar to a Celine bag. It just dosen’t have have the label or the $4000 price tag…and I am ok with that!  IMG_6588

As for finishing touches it was rather simple…a printed scarf that I stole from my mom’s closet, some jewelry that I stole from my mom’s jewelry box (the gold bangle and the accent ring) and a pair of 1970s  aviator sunnies I got a few years back from a friend (they were actually her grandpa’s, but she didn’t like them so she let me have them!!!). And oh yes, a red lip simply because red lipstick makes life a little brighter! IMG_6591

So today fashion moral is beyond simple…don’t feel bad if you don’t have lots of moo la to purchase a new winter wardrobe! Just make it work with what you have until you have a little extra money to splurge on the nicer/trendier things! That’s what I am doing 🙂

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