Until about 4 years ago, I followed the “No White After Labor Day” rule and was super strict about it. I would basically gag if I saw someone wearing white before Easter. haha. However, when I began to explore the wonderful world of fashion, I soon learned that the rule had become null and void. However, we all know that old habits die hard…so I still struggled with the white experimentation for the fall and winter seasons. Per the usual, one random day, the fashion lightbulb finally went off! The key to wearing white after Labor Day is to pair it with different textiles (ex. suede, wool, leather) and darker colors! With that thought in mind I was able to make my white jeans (as well as other white items in my closet) more fall/winteresque, rather than bright and summery. Here is a little inspiration for ya..

White Jeans and a News Stand




Fashion bibles…why yes, that is a reason to be uber excited!!! And this is an Emily Loftiss inspired facial expression!





IMG_4575_2 IMG_4579_2

I purchased these jeans back in 2009 for Miss Georgia and I am proud to say they still fit! I am a huge fan of AE jeans as they are always perfect in length for my long legs and the rise is fairly high in the back. $50 bucks well spent : )



Though it is rather noticeable, I COMPLETELY support the Alex and Ani Movement!



Every fashionista loves InStyle Magazine!



Because you guys are amazingly awesome and talented, I am sure that you have already concluded that the white jeans were the foundation piece! Once that decision was in place I added the Zara suede booties and the Target suede belt.  Adding those two accessories immediately gave the ensemble more of a fall look. I then decided to add my huge bag from TJ Maxx! Not only does the color of the bag match both the belt and the shoes, but it also has the same hardware color…a brassy gold! In the process of completing the look, I then remembered that I had previously worn the Gap gray sweater with white jeans last winter, so I went and pulled it from our winter clothing storage! My finishing touches were the wool floppy hat and the scarf. Yet again, more texture based accessories that immediately changed the look. Oh yes, and lastly, I threw on some jewelry. All of the pieces pictured are just my “Go To” pieces. They complete just about any look in my opinion!

So today’s lesson in wearing white post Labor Day is two fold:

1.) Make sure you layer the ensemble with fall/winter textiles! It will truly make all the difference in your look.

2). Pair your white with deeper, darker, bolder and/or richer colors. This too will give your outfit more of a fall/winteresque look!

Get The Look Details: 


  1. Hello Candace! I look forward to Thursday now with anticipation! Can’t wait to see what style Is next coming out of your closet! Can you give the 411 on the label of the purse? That’s exactly what I am looking for using in the fall/winter months…have searched at TJMaxx with out any luck….thanks for making style look so easy!

    1. Hi Victoria!

      Thanks for the kind words! And unfortunately I don’t who the bag is by…when I purchased it there was no label attached!!! However, I suggest that you check out Zara and H&M…they always great shaped bags. Hope this helps : ) And again, thanks for reading!!!

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