For the last couple of weeks, this girl has been dreaming of spring! I absolutely hate cold weather and not to mention, I cannot drive in the snow. I’ve been chilling at home waiting for the snow to melt and having Jason drive me around town. I’m not going to lie, I don’t mind his chauffeur services. haha. So in hopes of spring coming (please come, please come) soon, I have decided to put my creative energy into designing a winter look with warm neutrals and pastels. And I must say, this is my MOST favorite Get The Look Thursdays outfit ever!!! The wardrobe, the sunlight, the scenery and Kimberly’s wicked awesome photography skills…ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. Also, I would like to thank Lizzy, a wonderful Birchbox Instagram follower, for the lovely inspiration behind this week’s title. You rock Lizzy : )

Vanilla Wafer 

IMG_7613 2


My love for fur is growing by the minute! The idea of wearing the fur stole for this look was to give it a winteresque feel. I love the rich color and how nicely it compliments the crew neck sweater. It also highlights the rose gold accents…i.e. the watch, earrings and aviators.


To draw more attention to the small pink specs in the necklace, I decided to wear a bright pink lipstick! The shade isn’t exact, but pretty close and creates the effect I was looking for. Also, this lip color is LOUD. So for me it was really important that everything from the waist up be relatively muted and not so loud. Too much color in one general area can be…well, it can be TOO MUCH. 


Kimberly Jones. This photo. Need I say more. 


My awesome husband got me this bag in the summer of 2012 as a moving to New York/we are engaged present. PERFECT doesn’t even begin to describe my love for this bag. It literally goes with everything I own. Money well spent! P.S. I think Michael Kors maybe discontinuing this color. So if you want this exact color, I highly suggest that you purchase it soon before it’s too late! 


Snagged this lovely deco statement necklace from the Bauble Bar sample sale! It was the inspiration for the entire ensemble. 



Some of you may remember this skirt from my military chic look. If not, take a peek HERE. What I absolutely love about this skirt is the movement. It just blows in the wind. Whenever I wear it, I feel free and very feminine. I do believe that every women should own a long, flowy, pleated chiffon skirt. It will change your life! Just saying…



 Yes, when I saw these shoes…I fashion imprinted. Absolutely had to have them. I found these beauties while shopping at Zara during NYFW. A great seasonal shoe. I’ll be wearing these often for Get The Look Thursdays… just prepare yourself! 




A beautiful drive way right down the road from my house. Isn’t it lovely?

Today’s fashion conclusion…easy peezy. Don’t be afraid to wear pastels in the winter! Often times we drown ourselves in oxblood red, black, brown and mustard yellow…you know…the dark colors! And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it is also ok to expand your winter wardrobe with soft pastel hues of mint green, robin egg blue and ballet pink. The important thing to remember when making the decision to incorporate these colors into your winter wardrobe is to simply make sure you include the winteresque textures (i.e. fur, suede, wool) so, it does indeed match the season!

Get The Look Details:

Let’s Chat:  What’s your favorite pastel color? Drop a comment below. I would love to know!


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