So, I’m not sure if you remember or not, but back in November I posted my “November Desires.”  And one of those six desires happened to be this sweet reindeer graphic tee from the J. Crew factory and thanks to my amazing momma I was able to snag it! However, I was a tad disappointed upon receiving it to discover that it was EMBELLISHED and I ABSOLUTELY HATE EMBELLISHED graphic tees.  It just looks cheap and corny in my opinion.  I know…pretty harsh.  But, after 2 hours of meticulously cutting tiny threads, I removed all of the bead work and ended up with the most perfect reindeer tee.  I think I will name her, Olive. ha.

Sweet Reindeer 


The inspiration for this look began with the oatmeal tone of the graphic tee. Very warm and rich. To keep that richness, I knew that I would have to incorporate softer, lighter colors.


And nothing is softer than a white jean and a baby blue chambray! Also, the decision to use not one, but two elements of jean material cultivated this effortlessly chic aesthetic.



To continue with the layering effect, I then added the chunky oatmeal infinity scarf. Also, the color of the scarf nicely compliments the coloring of the graphic tee, bringing even more warmth to the ensemble.

IMG_7606 IMG_7587

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You can never go wrong with mixing a little black and brown. Both bold statement accessories that complete the look in a way that I cannot explain…it just works!


I also love mixing gold and silver accessories! Hence the arm candy full of Alex and Ani and the belt.


And for completion…a simple red lip and aviator sunnies.

So you may be wondering what is today’s fashion moral?!?…especially since I formatted the content a little differently than usual. Welp, I would say it is fairly simple…be adventurous in your LAYERING. It’s completely OK to expose a cute graphic tee with a unbuttoned chambray. It’s completely OK to wear a chunky infinity scarf with a collared button down. It’s completely OK to wear a necklace that is partially exposed. And it’s completely OK to wear 9 Alex and Ani bracelets on one arm! Layering is an awesome fashion tool…so use it to your advantage. And oh yes, there is no such thing as TOO MUCH in everyday fashion.

Get The Look Details: 

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