Not that you will be too surprised, but I was that girl in high school who always wore printed skirts, cowl neck tops, crop pants and any type of high heels I could get my hands on! At the age of 14 I started shopping at Stein Mart…(yup, Stein Mart). Although it was my utmost priority to make outstanding grades and be involved in every possible extracurricular activity, I was just a “tad bit” more concerned about winning the “Best Dressed” Senior Superlative. So, yes, I spent four years of my life attempting to be the best dressed gal of the class of 2007! haha! And guess what??? I DID NOT WIN. Devastated may not even be the word to explain how I felt on that day. Anywho, I share all of this to say that I remember what I was wearing the day they made the was this super cute knee length skirt. It was a mauve pink, grey, camel and BURGUNDY floral print skirt. I absolutely loved it. However, about 3 years ago I had to give it away as it no longer fit. But one day while randomly window shopping at H&M near NYU, I found these awesome BURGUNDY crop pants that made me think of that skirt! And to be honest these pants are way more awesome than that skirt could ever have been…they are
“SIMPLE”, much like life is now in comparison to my high school drama days! haha.

Simply BurgundyIMG_4908




IMG_4928Why yes, I do love back button detail! 





Yet another label less handbag find..not even sure where I found this!





With a title like “Simply Burgundy” you already know that the foundational piece is…the pants! Don’t you just love them? lol. While in Atlanta (just a few short weeks ago) I had a chance to shop my best friend’s closet and found this lovely blouse that she thrifted. For some reason it reminds me of something my mom would have worn in the early 90s. The only thing it is missing is shoulder pads! Any who, what I love most about this top is EVERYTHING! The shape, the print, button details and the trim around the collar and cuffs.  When I returned home and started to think about how I would style this top I just could not stop thinking about those darn burgundy pants! I decided to try it on and it totally worked. From there I added the BCBG t-straps to give it more of a classic sophisticated look…and from the shoes I was inspired by the velvet texture to add the calf hair belt! For finishing touches I added the Delicate Raymond Vintage Monogram necklace (which completes almost every look that I wear) and the clutch. I choose the brown clutch because it has just a hint of deep red that nicely compliments the burgundy crop pants. Oh, and the jacket was by default…it was super cold outside! And yes, every girl should have a nice wool coat. It is simply one of those fashion investments that you must make! And if your husband does not believe that is true…just tell him to call me!!!

So the fashion moral of today’s Get the Look Thursdays is rather simple…when you find it hard to let go of one of your most favorite wardrobe pieces, just know that you will always find something better! And 9 times out of 10 “your something new” will be better than what you had before!

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