Christmas is always a wonderful time of the year! My closet especially enjoys it…ha. Any who, I got two items I’ve been drooling over for a couple of months…a pair of colored, high rise, faux leather jeans from American Eagle and a knit shrug from ILY COUTURE. And I must say…I love both pieces even more NOW that I’ve had a chance to style and wear them. So sit back and enjoy a little…Purple Edge! WARNING: Katelyn captured so many great photos that I decided to post more than usual! The indecisive side of my personality just couldn’t decide.







Let’s just be honest…if you live in a place where it gets extremely cold having a puffer jacket is absolutely necessary. I tried to avoid it for months while living in New York City and I almost froze my booty off. Sooooo, I broke down and finally decided to buy one. And to my surprise, there are actually “stylish” puffers out there. I found this lovely gold accented beauty at Zara. The best $140 I’ve ever spent. It’s trendy, warm…and trendy. lol


Every women should own a t-strap heel. It’s timeless and goes with basically everything! Put this on your must have seriously.



This ensemble all started with the eggplant colored jean from American Eagle. The color is just AWESOME and the texture is equally as AWESOME. Upon conceiving the idea for this look, I knew that I wanted to accent it with other dark colors…hence the black puffer jacket, purse and heels. But I wanted more contrast so I threw on the hunter green tank and it totally gave me the effect I was looking for. Also, graphic nicely compliments the other black elements.



And this shrug…OMG! I think it speaks for itself. It just softens the entire look in both color and texture. And yes, this is another thing that you need to put on your must have list!



You guys already know how I feel about Michael Kors & Alex and Ani…my jewelry staples!



For a little brightening effect I went with a tangerine lip color, which I think is a wonderful contrast for the hunter green tank and the eggplant jean. And oh yes, the vintage aviators just scream edgy, so I had to wear them.

Today’s fashion moral? Easy…

1. Don’t be afraid of puffer jackets. They are awesome! Just take the time and do a thorough shopping search to find one that is both stylish and affordable.

2. Waiting to get some of the fashion things you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT (i.e. the AE jeans and the ILY COUTURE shrug I was dying to have). Honestly, it’s better to wait because things always go on sale and that’s just the reality of the retail! So have patience. You can get more for your buck if you wait it out!

3. Lipstick: the brighter, the better! ha. I’ve had a few people ask me how I determine which bright color lipsticks look best and here’s my answer…just go to Sephora and play in their lipstick station! You don’t really know what color works until you physically try it on.  Also, wearing lipstick is a mental thing…so just be BOLD and CONFIDENT. 

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