The weather has officially changed here in Ohio, which means I can fully embrace the goodness of fall fashion! Truly my favorite season in terms of fashion, as we get the opportunity to wear lots of lovely layers, heavier fabrications, deep rich colors and more. But something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is how sometimes traditional fall clothing can feel restrictive, if you know what I mean. Too much can sometimes be an overwhelming idea. With that in mind, I found myself thinking on how we can still embody the essence of fall, while being a bit freer and capable of movement within our fall fashion. Also, I was thinking of many of you who don’t live in a region with true fall weather like I do, but you still want to embody the fall look, while still being appropriately dressed for your climate. To touch on both of these very things, I think I found the PERFECT focal clothing item just for YOU…wait for it…THE SKIRT. 

Skirts are perfect for Fall for so many reasons, but one of the primary reasons in my opinion is: 

 Skirts can often be a lighter weight fabrication, making it a perfect piece to expound upon stylistically. You can layer on as heavy or as light as you need, based on your lifestyle, climate, preference, etc.

To get your outfit planning wheels turning, I am sharing two looks I styled with skirts! Both skirts are Free Assembly, a new brand available at Walmart. The two knits I am wearing are also by Free Assembly! What I love about this brand is that they are committed to designing a more sustainable every day for EVERY BODY. As you guys know, sustainability is something I believe is majorly important to consider when acquiring new pieces for your wardrobe. In addition to being committed to sustainability, they are great-looking, durable, accessible, inclusive and authentic. Truly a great collection for you gals who are looking for elevated essentials that are affordable, as they also have denim, great blouse options, layering pieces and so on. 

For Look No. 1, I selected this darling polka dot skirt that is black based. Polka dots made their way back onto the fashion scene this past Spring and are also here as we move into Fall/Winter styling, making this print transitional. You can wear it now and well into the next season. To give it that dose of fall flare, I add this puff short sleeve sweater by Free Assembly! It is just the right weight for those who might prefer a lighter weight sweater.

For Look No 2, I opted for this printed skirt that embodies all things fall…from color to print! To further pull out those rich dimensions in the skirt, I selected another sweater option that is a bit more traditional. This turtleneck sweater, also by Free Assembly, is the loveliest color and the sleeve dimension is super fun, as well. Depending on your preference, you can wear this look as is or you could add an additional piece, like the almond colored boyfriend blazer (yes, to print juxtaposition) or this corduroy chore jacket.

Ok, There you have it! Two fall skirts, styled two ways. I hope this inspires you to start reimagining your wardrobe. And be sure to check out Free Assembly, available ONLY at Walmart! 

  This post is kindly brought to you by Walmart. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 





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