When it comes to the word “DIAMONDS,” I immediately think of three songs:

  1. Shine Bright (Diamonds) by Rhiana
  2. Diamonds by Johnnyswim
  3. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend by Carol Channing

Clearly, I have got a thing for diamonds. haha. Honestly, growing up, I never really thought that I would be super interested in finding quality jewelry pieces. However, over the years and through an evolving sense of style, that thought process has changed dramatically. Much like having that amazing pair of designer shoes or killer handbag, every gal needs to have quality jewelry pieces. In fact, having an amazing piece of jewelry that you love is much more valuable than that Gucci bag that you are (and when I say “you” I am also talking to myself)  drooling over. The great thing about quality jewelry is that it truly stands the test of time!

Just a short while ago, I had the opportunity to visit the newly opened Diamonds Direct Columbus showroom at Polaris! While I was familiar with the brand, I was super jazzed to get the inside scoop on their core values, understand the selection and of course, do some diamond daydreaming!

One of the things I love most about Diamonds Direct is the heritage of the brand! When you are looking to really understand a brand and what makes them prestigious, there is always an incredible heritage. What makes Diamonds Direct unique is its DIRECT approach to the consumer. The brand first began as a wholesale operation, which means they sold their diamonds to jewelry stores across the country. However, in 1995 the brand shifted its focus by eliminating the “third party” idea and began selling directly to the consumer (hence the name). Perhaps the coolest thing about this entire process is that, as a consumer, you are getting top quality from the brand’s assortment of diamonds and at a better price! I mean, this truly makes the process of shopping for a diamond less confusing and much more enjoyable!

With it’s flagship based in Charlotte, NC, Diamonds Direct offers an assortment of fine jewelry. From studs to bracelets to rings to necklaces…there’s a little bit of everything! Additionally, they offer bridal and fashion designer jewelry brands! One of my personal favorites being, Henri Daussi. I did find a little something, something for my anniversary, which I’ll be sharing with you guys a little later here on the blog! In the meantime, here’s a quick look around the showroom. It’s amazingly chic, bright and full of jewelry wanderlust!

This post is brought you by Diamonds Direct. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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