The City of Marfa. Without question, one of the most magical places I have ever been! For those of you who don’t follow along via social media, this past April I made a trip out West to visit this gem of a city, along with a few gal pals. Taylor, Harley, Darian and I met up in Dallas on a Tuesday afternoon and began the 8 hour drive out to Marfa on Wednesday. And yes, this place is legitimately out in the middle of nowhere Texas! Since we arrived on Wednesday evening, we didn’t really explore the city until Thursday and this was my look for the day.

Knowing that it would be pretty stinking hot and that I would likely change clothes twice per day, I tried really hard to pack things that were lightweight and breathable, all while being stylish. Not always the easiest task, but I really feel that I nailed it for this trip! Just days before leaving, I snagged this awesome Striped Shirt Dress from ZARA for just $35. When I saw it, I knew that it would pair perfectly with these J. Brand cropped skinny jeans that have been on heavy repeat since I got them from Saks back in March. Seriously tho, I never would have thought that I would wear denim Capri (daydreams back to 5th grade and all of the tragic outfits) again and actually LOVE them. Haha.

As I mentioned before, I knew that the weather would be a bit HOT down in Marfa. So rather than focusing on the traditional parts of my wardrobing (aka top, bottom, dress, etc), I invested great effort into my accessories game. If you have been a reader here for some time now, then you already know that I have mad love for accessories. I strongly believe that you can build an entire look around your accessories. In fact, I prefer styling with the accessories in mind prior to ever deciding what the top or bottom will be. Granted, sometimes it is a bit more challenging, but as a stylist, I love a good challenge. So, as you may have guessed, I had this entire looked accessorized before I had the slightest clue what the top or bottom would be. The right combination of accessories can immediately elevate any look. With that in mind, I began crafting my Day 1 look. Let’s take it from the top:

1.Straw Boater Hat- For nearly a year, I had been itching to get my hands on a straw boater hat. However, because of my tiny head/large forehead problem, I kept putting it off. Knowing that I was Marfa bound and that the Sun would not be playing, I knew this was my chance to give this timeless trend a whirl. For just $30 bucks and free shipping, I ordered this beauty. I must admit, when it arrived, I was pretty unsure of the style. It just felt too circular. However, I’m glad I kept it, because when I happened upon these wooden earrings from Cheesecake Boutique, I knew I was on to something.

2.Wooden Statement Earrings– Big earrings are major right now, along with embroidery. When I found this pair of oversized earrings, I knew that it would pair well with the boater hat I had purchased and some sort of embroidery top/dress. Without thinking twice, I purchased them. Just $22 bucks from Cheesecake Boutique in Upper Arlington.

3.Yellow Block Heels- There’s just something about the combination of brown and yellow that speaks to my soul. With these earrings now in my possession, pairing them with these yellow block heels just felt right! Also, with the idea of something embroidered floating in the back of my mind, I knew that this shoe would be the perfect addition.

4.Oversized Sunnies– When it comes to sunglasses, I go through phases. Since about March, I’ve been wearing this pair hardcore. There wasn’t much thought here, just a whole lot of LOVE!

Now most importantly, when it comes to styling/preparing for a trip, my two most important accessories will always and forever be a killer handbag and a chic manicure! I know, I know. You may be thinking, a manicure is mostly beauty related, which I agree. However, I believe it’s much more than just beauty. Much like a pair of earrings, perfectly manicured nails adds value to your look! To put it simply, it elevates YOU. Since we are talking manicure, let’s talk more about that next.

5. A Perfect Manicure- As a woman, I love how polished a manicure makes me feel. Regardless of the look or combination of pieces I’ve thrown together, a good manicure makes me feel a thousand times more stylish. As I was preparing for Marfa, I knew that a manicure was a must…especially considering the weather. With good looking hands, I practically feel unstoppable! Thanks to The W Nail Bar, I got the most perfect manicure for my western adventure. I went with my signature color “Don’t Boss a Nova Me Around” by OPI and completed the manicure with a touch of nail art…just simple white dots using “Alpine White” by OPI. Rather than going with traditional polish, I opted for gel, as it lasts wayyyy longer! In addition to getting an awesome manicure, I had the opportunity to relax a little before heading out, as The W Nail Bar has the loveliest atmosphere. It’s truly one of a kind!

6. Killer Handbag- In addition to having lovely hands, I believe in the power of THE HANDBAG. Again, there’s just something about having a great bag that makes me feel like a BOSS.  With the Americana, yet European vibe of Marfa, I knew that Fount Leather Goods was gonna have something spectacular. For this trip I snagged a couple of things, including The Banjo Bag and The Finley Wallet, both of which were perfect for Day 1’s look! In my opinion, it’s The Banjo that made this particular outfit. Ahh, such a good shape! Just in case you aren’t familiar, Fount Leather Goods is new to Columbus (in fact, it’s on High Street like W. Nail Bar in the Short North) with an array of quality leather goods. Words will never fully explain how lovely this boutique is, so you just need to check it out! Also, if you happen to purchase something fo yo self, use code CANDACE for a little goodie. Oh, and that code is good for online and in-store.

And that’s a wrap for Day 1 in Marfa!  As you find yourself preparing for all of your upcoming adventures, consider accessorizing first. And make sure you invest some extra thought into your manicure and handbag selection. I can guarantee you’ll feel like a goddess regardless of how perfectly styled (or not styled) your look is!

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This post is kindly brought to you by Fount Leather Goods & W Nail Bar. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 



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