The older I get, the less I love the idea of a two-piece swimsuit. I guess they call this shift in mindset, AGING. Ugh. While I’m relatively the same size I was in my early twenties, there’s just something about being a bit more covered up in my swimsuit that makes me feel more confident! When the one-piece reemergence became a thing, I was apprehensive, but I’m now fully on board with the trend. Perhaps the greatest thing about the evolution of one-piece swimwear is how amazingly chic the styles are! The options are truly endless.

Each summer, I task myself with finding a new summer suit (even though I often do not go anywhere that requires a swimsuit…bahaha).  This year’s mission was finding a chic red one-piece. I made a stop over at Shopbop, one of my favorite online retailers, and found this lovely gem of a suit by OYE Swimwear. It’s called the Lucette! What I love most about this style is the wide-neck top! I love to accentuate my collar bones, so this suit was practically made for me, as the neckline does exactly that. For you gals who love a good two-piece, you’ll be delighted to know you can grab this style also.

That’s all I have for you today. I’m thinking I might need to find a place to wear this pretty red numba before da end of summer!

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