As my 60 day shopping fast comes to a close, I’ve got clothes on the brain hardcore! Not sure that I will take a leap on purchasing anything new right away, but here are a few beauties that I am absolutely LOVING right now. Definitely a little higher in price point. But I’ve learned that I love the pieces I spend more on wayyyy more than my cheap and cheerful pieces.

Vince Leather Short

Leather is huge for spring and this short is just AMAZINNESS. Love the color and length.

Gucci Princetown Mule 

Ahh, Gucci mule! I’ve this shoe for 2 years now! I need to just take the leap….BUT…I’m scared…BUT…I am going to get over that. 

Anine Bing Tiger Tee

Anine Bing is always a good idea. I purchased this tee for a client a while back and just can’t stop thinking about. Will pair nicely with a cardigan, denim jacket or really any layering piece!

Madewell Lee High-Rise Jeans

Madewell and Lee jeanS collaborate? DEAD. Also, I’ve been need for a light wash denim..I’ll take these!

Westward Leaning Sunglasses

Tortoise sunglasses are my weakness. I feel like a total boss when I have an oversized pair on! These look amazingly cool…I WANT THEM!!

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