You requested a dose of men’s Valentine’s Day gifting for today’s Candace Curated and I’ve got YOU. In my experience, I’ve learned it’s best to give usable or wearable gifts to the gents. By gifting things he can use or wear regaularly, you are increasing the chances that he love it and that he WILL NOT tuck it away and forget about it.

Chanel Bleu De Chanel

Is there anything better than a good smelling man? Well, maybe…puppy breath and the smell of a newborn baby fresh out the bath, but you get what I’m saying. If you are looking to give your guy an extra boost of confidence, give him a scent! I’m partial to all things Chanel, so I am going to encourage you to get Chanel’s Bleu De Chanel. It’s alluring and masculine!

AirPod Pros

With guys, you can never go wrong with a piece of technology! The AirPod Pros are all the craze right now. Be a sweetheart and splurge on his behalf. Oh yes, be sure to get him a case for the AirPods too!

Counterman Collection

He doesn’t want to admit it, but he needs some skincare! For guys, getting the products in their hands is half the battle. You purchasing the products for him = more of a chance that he will actually use them! Also, you can even offer to give him a facial and show him how to use the products! Guys love to be touched, so he will likely take you up on the facial offer!


BOSS Tenor Slim Fit Quarter Zip Pullover

You love seeing him in a polished sweater, so go ahead and get one that he will love too! This half zip sweater by BOSS is the jam. It can be worn for daytime wear, evening or athleisure. It’s one of those pieces he will wear on the regular and your heart will skip a beat everytime you see him in it.

Shinola Soft Linen Journal

Something a little personal…a personalized linen notebook from Shinola. This is one of my favorite things to gift, because it’s so timeless and the price point is super afffordable. You can complete the gift by getting his initials embossed on the notebook in silver, rose gold or gold!


Kessler Medium Duffle Bag

A polished duffle bag is a guys’ verison of a little black bag. It’s one of those items he needs, but will frequently put off buying! This one is from Leatherology and the color is just delicious!


On Cloud Terry Sneaker

I don’t know a guy who doesn’t love a good sneaker! On is a newer brand and is taking the world by storm. They have a little bit of everything…from classic to unique. The Cloud Terry Sneaker by On is a popular style and will pair nicely with that BOSS half zip!


Ok, that’s all I got for you peeps! Happy shopping <3



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