Vince Soren Weather Boots

I don’t really love the snow, but I do love these snow boots by Vince! Imagine this paired back to a super cool oversized leather puff jacket..DEAD. Praying that these babies go on sale once my shopping fast concludes, because I WANT THEM.

Caudlie Vinopure Purifying Toner

I was chatting with a friend this week and she was sharing about some new products she was trying by Caudlie. I’m a huge fan of their Beauty Elixir and this tone looks V promising. Just added it to the post fast shopping list too!

Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer

The chicest hand sanitizier I’ve ever seen…do I really need to give more of an explanation? So clean and so fresh.

The Laundress Sweater Stone

Winter = sweater weather and sweater weather = peeled sweater. It’s a vicious cycle. But caring for sweaters just got a whole lot easier. I was with a style client this week and she had purchased this stone by The Laundress and it arrived just in time for our appointment together. You guys…this sweater stone slayed! Did some hardcore, but gentle rubbing on a Theory sweater that has now come back to life!

Carra Cloud Cirrus Backpack

Our recent trip to Jacksonville made me realize I was in need for an adult style backpack. I did a little looking and found this one by Carra and I’m DEAD. It’s perfect for travel, pilates gear or a day out and about. Looking forward to getting this some day soon!

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