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Around this time last week, I was living my life…living that California cool lifestyle.  While this was my third visit to the true sunshine state, I realized that I majorly love the Californian vibe (minus the crazy driving…I could live without that). I mean, I completely understand why folks pick up shop and move to the west coast. The weather is truly amazing and the views are stunning.

Just a day before packing up for the trip, I realized I could not miss an opportunity to snap a few outfit photos. Luckily I had a few things on hand that needed styling, including this darling dress from Tart Collections I received just two weeks ago. To style this pretty up just right, I wanted to play on the western trend a touch and make it my own…classic chic with a touch of edge. Also, if you were curious, yes, I’ve practically lived in this faux fur cardi since I got it in early September. And honestly, I don’t remember life before it…haha. That’s literally how much I love/wear it.  In my opinion, this dress screamed for this deliciously oversized cardigan, so I most definitely incorporated it. To further communicate the western-esque idea, I reached for my favorite gold ankle boots, the ever famous Gucci belt and my baker boy hat. And lastly, for those soft touches of sweet femininity, I opted for delicate layered necklaces and this classic handbag.

I cannot lie, I think this outfit is pretty darn stellar…now I just need to find somewhere to wear it IRL. ha.

Happy Monday all!

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