There are lots of ways that we can make a bold and dynamic statement with our clothing. A mean pair of earrings, a killer handbag, an interesting top, all of which are GREAT. However, I think there is one clothing piece that we often forgot about and that’s a BLAZER. Jackets are a super fun way to bring a whole other layer of dimension and uniqueness to your outfit! Also, not to mention how instantly you elevate your entire look by layering in a blazer piece!

Since making a mental note to step up my blazer game, I’ve been on the hunt to find pieces that are truly cool and will allow me to make the bold statement I am hoping for! When it comes to finding unique jackets, RiverIsland has been an amazing gem, as I found both this floral mix print blazer (which is beyond amazing) and this yellow double-breasted tux jacket (also beyond amazing)! When styling my bold statement blazers/jackets, I like to keep the style concept pretty simple and balanced. To put it simply, if I am going to reach for a bold blazer, you can almost guarantee that the rest of my outfit will be relativity causal in nature! Incorporating a fun, yet chic graphic tee is always a good idea when styling your blazers. That little touch of chicness in your graphic tee becomes the perfect backdrop for your outfit and truly allows you to navigate how you are going to complete styling your look. Both of these graphic tees also came from RiverIsland! As you can imagine, I love the bold punchy colors of both of these tees!

To finish my bold, yet casually effortless looks, I like to focus on handbags! I live for handbags. I love how they just finish off a look! After selecting my blazers and graphic tees, I like to really look at the interest of the two pieces combined and match a handbag accordingly! For the floral mix print blazer look, I opted for this black cross body tote (I just removed the strap). What’s super cool about these pieces together is how the stitching on the bag pulls out the super cool detailing on the bottom of the blazer. Not only is it perfectly complimentary, but it makes the blazer even bolder!  For the yellow-breasted tux jacket, I wanted to keep things simple and selected this chic white envelope clutch with soft gold metallic accents. This clutch slightly tones down the boldness of the tux jacket and brings more focus on the graphic tee and it’s uniqueness.

And there you have it, just a few thoughts on how you might approach styling your blazers this summer! And yes, you need to check out RiverIsland! Lots of amazingly cool, unique and stylish pieces that you love <3 Down below you will find direct links to everything you need!


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This post is kindly brought to you by RiverIsland. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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