Every now and again, I get fixated on a trend…one of those being the slip dress movement. It’s completely feminine, luxe and sexy in my opinion! With all of these adjectives in mind, I do think it can be a little daunting to style the slip dress tho…just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a pretty conservative gal. I love the allure of the slip dress and always want to wear it in a way that best represents my personality and personal style. Simply put, I’m not the gal who will wear a slip dress bare…like…I either want a layering piece over or under the dress and my tush covered. I’ve tried wearing it without layering pieces and I practically feel naked, which made me realize this is perhaps the reason why many avoid acquiring that perfect blush slip dress..

Well, I’m here to tell you a couple of things:

  • Get the slip dress! Much like your go-to LBD, a slip dress will be another piece that you will wear endlessly. The styling options are limitless. From brunch to date-night, this dress will warrant frequent wears!
  • Don’t let the sexy allure of the slip dress stop you from wearing it! With effort and creativity, you can most definitely wear it in a fashionable, yet conservative way. Try layering a sweater over it (like I did above), layer with a blazer (like I did here), layer with a tee or t-neck underneath or layer with a long open-front cardigan!
  • Wear that smoothing garment girl! Because of the shape, fit, and fabric of a slip dress, I like to make sure everything is looking smooth underneath! Without question, I am wearing my smoothing undies to give me perfect smoothness! P.S. No matter size or age, smoothing/shaping undies is something every gal needs! You may not wear it 24/7, but you will be thankful to have it when you actually need it.

Happy Friday lovlies and go find that blush slip dress if you can!

P.S. We captured these photos during our adventure to Detroit this past September! Check out the travel guide HERE!

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