Aye. The silk midi skirt trend. I am here to tell you, she’s around to stay!  So, if you’ve been on the fence, consider this your stamp of approval to go ahead and buy-in. I literally have 5 with no intentions of NOT getting more. What I love about the silk skirt is the delicate balance it can provide…a touch of sweet feminity that feels classic and chic and a touch of trend. Because this is a piece that is trending, I love how it has been welcomed into daytime wear. I once remember when silk was just for the evening! With that in mind, I wanted to share a silk skirt look for the working gals. How do you make it wearable for the office? It is all about the styling!

For this look, I paired it with a beautiful soft cashmere sweater and belted at the waist. If a blazer is your jam, you can definitely layer that on top, but I wanted to keep this look simple! For finishing touches, I added this darling slingback and an everyday tote (that’s from Henri Bendel…Bendel Girl forever). What I love about this outfit is the versatility of it all. Can be worn from the office to dinner or cocktails. Or you could swap your heels for a sneaker and through on a denim jacket and add a backpack!

The silk midi skirt. Get into it.


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