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Bringing you an edgy little pause from all the holiday style + holiday gift ideas posts. You know when you go to the perfume counter to find a new fragrance and you often smell coffee beans in between the scent to naturalize the nose…that is exactly what I am doing here, but with an outfit! Also, it’s definitely been a hot minute since I’ve done a more stylized outfit post…more like a loooonnnnnng hot minute and it felt good just to whip one up and get it posted here for you gals to enjoy.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, we traveled down to Raleigh (or to be specific, Holly Springs) to spend time with Jason’s family. Whenever I go down for a visit during the later part of the year, I love to take full advantage of the beautiful fall foliage and my sister-in-law’s creative eye to take a few snaps for me. For this particular look, I just layered on a bunch of my favorite pieces at the moment and styled them.  Here in Ohio it gets rather cold, so I practically live in an oversized knit of some sort and my favorite faux leather leggings from Rowe Boutique. I actually need to get a new pair!  You know, an oversized knit and faux leather leggings can pretty much scream BASIC, which is why it is important to take some time and give your look a little extra style. For this particular look, I wanted to make it feel more chic and elevated…perhaps something I would wear to an early evening event or dinner with J (Jason’s nickname).  What makes this look sooooo amazing, in my opinion, is the waistline being nice and pulled in. Sometimes with sweaters your shape can get lost. To further strengthen my waist, I added a layer over the top and scrunched at the elbows.

From there, I added two of my few favorite pieces…these BAD OTK boots I found on super sale at DSW and this cute dumpling clutch (that is very similar to the Bottega Veneta clutch that everyone is swooning over these days.) This look definitely has a touch of 70’s and I’m here for it. For the sake of brevity, I won’t belabor the point on this outfit, but I LOVE it. It feels fun, edgy and fresh. Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming…holiday TALK.


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