When it comes to hair, I’m all about PERFECTION. Honestly, I’ve been that way for the majority of my life. I’m almost positive I can attribute that to my years of being a ballet dancer. The last 5 years have been rather interesting for me and my hair, as I decided to make the jump to Team Natural! It was an incredibly hard decision to make, as I knew there would be growing pains and learning curves. But I also knew the benefits would far outweigh the headaches.  Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of being a natural gal who likes to wear hair neat and sleek can be manageability. For me personally, there’s no such thing as an easy at-home wash and blowout situation. It’s quite the process, which is why I wear a protective style for a good part of the year. It simply make life easier!

One of the best things I discovered in my journey to neat and sleek natural hair is that us brown gals can most definitely get a BLOWOUT at a chic blowout bar. Yes, you read that right. Without getting into the emotions of brown girl hair, trust me when I say that we should not be sleeping on the blowout bar concept, because it is completely AMAZING and a total hair game changer.  Maybe three years ago (before I even lived in Columbus full-time) I made my first visit to The Blowout Bar in Grandview for a dry style, only because I was a little nervous about the blowout situation. I quickly realized and acknowledged that my hair was in good hands and I have been in love ever since!

With 2 existing locations in Columbus (Grandview and Dublin) and 2 developing (Short North and Easton), The Blowout Bar is pretty darn groovy and amazingly chic! Just to give you some insight, the blowout experience includes a shampoo, blowout and style! One of the coolest features about the experience at The Blowout Bar are the “extras.” One of the extras includes clipping in your hair extensions…ahhh yassssssss! Again, hair game changer. In fact, The Blowout Bar carries THM Hair Extensions. You may remember me talking about them HERE. THM Extensions are insanely amazing. From hair quality to the design of the clip ins themselves, they are GOLD. They have been an amazing option for me during seasons when I am wearing my real hair more consistently!

I believe sharing is always the ultimate form of caring! So to show you gals just how lovely these extensions are and how the blowout process works, I met up with Desi, one of the Stylist and Educators at The Blowout Bar and we are going to show you exactly what goes down!

First things first, shampoo! There’s no doubt about it, this is my most favorite part of the entire process. There’s truly something life-changing about not having to wash your own hair. haha. The Blowout Bar uses professional hair products by Kevin Murphy, a brand that is dedicated to giving your hair that effortlessly chic look. Also, this brand is all about ingredient quality! Only the best!

Up next is the blowout. The technique includes a high powered blow dryer and a round brush! As you can see, my hair is sectioned off and Desi is taking it section by section. They are incredibly thorough and take the time to get those roots as straight as possible, while also being gentle on your hair.

  And from the blowout, we move to the styling! There’s a menu of styles that you select from when you first arrive. In fact, that is the first thing you do after arriving.  They range from straight to various curly styles to up-dos! I’m a curls kinda girl. If I was wearing my hair without getting the clip ins installed, Desi would complete the style by curling all the way around and that would be it! However, since I decided to add my clip ins, the styling process is a bit more layered.

It is during the styling that the extension clip-in installation happens! The THM Extensions consist of 3 layers that make one unit. The extensions are placed at the crown of your head (perhaps slightly below or higher depending on the desired hairstyle) and secured with 5 rubber clips.

For any gal who wears extensions, blending and perfecting is KEY. Otherwise, what’s the point. You want your hair to look natural and flawless. Perhaps one of the GREATEST things about the THM Extensions is that the unit has pockets that allow you to pull your real hair through, which in turn allows your hair to truly blend and mold with the extension hair (which is 100% human hair).

After pulling through my natural hair, Desi proceeded by styling the extension hair and the remainder of my leave out hair.  As you may have noticed from the blowout section of this post, I have decently short hair! Desi worked diligently to get everything BLENDED AND PERFECTED.

Annnd BOOM, hair magic! Also, I should note, this was accomplished all in 1 hour and 15ish minutes. I know, I know…MAGIC. Long gone are the days of needing to spend the entire afternoon at the salon! There is another option. If you’ve been on the fence about giving the blowout and/or clip-in extensions life, I’m here to tell ya it’s GOOD. Like 2000% GOOD. To book an appointment at The Blowout Bar you can visit: http://theblowoutbar.com. While you are there, take a moment and explore the THM Extensions. The THM Extensions are 115 grams of hair and 20 inches long! There are a variety of color options and one of the stylists can assist you in getting color matched!

Here’s to perfect hair! It is indeed achievable.

This post is kindly brought to you in partnership with The Blowout Bar.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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