A Few of My Favorite Things is a segment that I started on the blog about two years ago. However, I always felt that it was lacking that little extra “spark.” In hopes of giving this segment some new life, I am switching it over to video (woot woot). Volume 3 of A Few of my Favorite Things focuses on all things evening beauty. I am sharing the inside scoop on my favorite nighttime beauty product, why I love them and how I use them. Oh yes, so the entire premise of a Few of My Favorite Things is centered around giving…I can’t talk about all these amazing products without giving an opportunity for you to try them! Be sure to scroll to the very end of today’s blog post for a chance to win a curated swag bag featuring some of these goodies. And yes, I am being completely and utterly serious. Instructions/details are below. Happy MONDAY!

P.S. Sorry for the hideous thumbnail photo for the video. YouTube makes it “v” hard to build a cool looking channel, but I am going to get it done! ha.

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Video By Matelli Graves


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