Over the last few years, finding community has been something intensely on my heart. Finding community is hard enough when you are an adult, but can be even harder when you choose to live a life that is shaped by the gospel. After many months of going back and forth with God about not having a tangible group of women I could be in community with regulary, who believe in Him and long to live a life that is Christ-led, He instantly reminded me that He had indeed given me community…while it may not be in the traditional sense, it was there and that I just needed to tap into it. Out of that revelation and after speaking with many of you, came this idea of developing a community bible study. Through this study it is my hope that we learn to hear Him and how he is uniquely speaking to us – when we spend time in His word – to create a safe space to talk about various ideas/themes from the Bible (for this one we are focusing on the Presence of God), to find camaraderie that is faith centered, to learn and glean from others who are experienced and seasoned (through our guest teachers) and lastly, to discover excitement and delight, as we continue strengthening our own individual walks.


As I shared, for our first community study, we are delving into The Presence of God study book by She Reads Truth.


For a 15% discount, please be sure to utilize code CANDACE15. Please note, you can use this code for this study book or any other study book via the She Reads Truth website. So take full advantage. Also, you can utilize the She Reads Truth mobile app {iphone here and google here}, and purchase this reading plan to have everything digital! The app also provides you with lots of other great things…other available reading plans, new lock screens, She Reads Truth Bible and more.


The Presence of God study is a 28 day reading plan. We will commence our reading on Monday, October 26th! We will follow the reading plan/schedule established via the book. As you go through the daily readings, be sure to markup, highlight and jot any scriptures or revelations you have, so we can share with one another.


So, Monday through Saturday, we will do our indivudal readings. But on Saturday (dates listed below) at 10 AM EST, we will come together digitally for some practical teachings focused on the Presence of God. We have this saying at our chruch, “If it isn’t practical, it isn’t spiritual.” One of my goals in our weekly connect is to ensure that each of you feel equipped with knowledge and understanding of the presence from a practical perspective. How can you as a busy mom and wife make time to encounter Him? How can you create an atmosphere in your home that invites the Presence? So, that is the purpose of the these teachings. All of our teachers have been vetted, walking this thing out themselves, sound teachers and seasoned leaders who can speak to their respective topic I’ve asked them to share on.

Here’ a rundown of our schedule :

Weekly Connect & Teaching Schedule: 

Saturday, October 31st at 10 AM

  • Topic: Inviting The Presence Into Your Home || Guest Teacher: Anna Mae Groves

Satuday, November 7th at 10 AM

  • Topic: The Connection of Worship & The Presence || Guest Teacher: Trevor Wyatt

Saturday, November 14th at 10 AM

  • Topic: Making Time for Presence Amongst The Busyness of Life || Guest Teacher: To Be Announced Soon

Saturday, November 21st at 10 AM

  • Understanding the Presence of God on a Practical Level || Guest Teacher: Pastor Dennis Morgan


So what’s next you ask? Two things:

  1. Give me your email address! You can do that HERE. By opting in, this will allow me to know that you are joining US!  Then, I can send specifics for our group and links for our weekly connects digitally. I’ll be sending out an email next Wednesday with final details, link for our first connect, etc.
  2. Order Your Book! You can do that above and be sure to use CODE: CANDACE15
  3. Tell a friend!
  4. Be excited!

I am truly delighted to be in community with each of YOU and I am excited to dig into this study and see how God speaks to us individually and collectively!




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