Oh, hi there February! I’m so glad to see you, because January was literally the longest month of my life…LOL. Between the post-holiday slowness, the biting cold and all that other fun stuff, I’m excited that February is here : )

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I especially love February for Valentine’s Day. Yes, I adore this manmade holiday…I mean…I want to seize every opportunity to celebrate LOVE. This weekend, Jason and I are celebrating and I could not be more excited. He’s got top secret plans! I’ll be sure to report back and let you guys know how things turned out.

While Valentine’s Day is often a day that allows us to physically express our love to the one we love, I’ve always understood that LOVE is much more than gifts. Jason and I are approaching SIX YEARS of marriage, which is absolute craziness…where did time go? Over the years, we’ve learned a few important things that enable us to keep the LOVE in our relationship at all times. I believe in sharing, so here are 5 Ways To Keep The LOVE.

No. #1: Communication, communication and more communication- This an area that has been a struggle for me in the past. I can just be so closed off as a way to protect or guard my feelings. Being closed off can definitely make it hard for others to understand you, especially your husband. So communicating despite how you feel, allows room for deeper understanding and a stronger love and respect for one another.  Another note…make your communication intentional. Step away from the T.V., the computer, your iPhone and have dialogue…you are always learning something new about your person, but that can only continue if you communicate.

No.#2: Be Intentional In Your Time- This notion plays on #1. Much like being intentional in your communication, it is equally important that you are intentional in your time together. While life is most definitely busy, be sure to make time and continue DATING. I shared this briefly on Instagram awhile back, but Jason and I experienced a season of just existing. It wasn’t bad and I don’t think either of us really noticed we were just going through the motions of life and not actually spending true time together. However, when we made a few adjustments to our schedules (mostly me making adjustments to my schedule…I could work all day and all night) and dedicate time to each other, there were noticeable differences in our actions and affections towards one another!

No. #3: Respecting Each Other’s Differences- Whew, grabbing ahold of this idea will change your life. The notion of opposites attract is very true, which means you and your person are typically NOT ALIKE. You are complimentary, but you will not do everything the same. In fact, you most likely do things very differently. You have to respect those differences as that makes each of you…well…YOU. Those differences create balance in a relationship. If you have not taken a personality test, I highly encourage it…it will allow you to understand yourself and how your spouse and you might react/act knowing their personality type!

No. #4: Love Languages- I believe this goes without saying, but it’s important to understand each other’s love languages too. I love gifts and acts of service, while Jason is a words of affirmation and acts of service kinda guy. Understanding one another’s love languages creates more room for respect, understanding and love. It shows genuine kindness.

No. #5: Remembering That Love Is a CHOICE- At the end of the day, it is most important to remember that love is a CHOICE. Despite the quirks, how I feel for the day, etc. I made a choice and a vow to LOVE. That choice includes being committed to one another and promising to never give up on one another until death due us part.

Continue LOVING.


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